Find Unique, Local Things to Do with Groupon

I can recall far too many days when my husband and I look at each other and ask, “So what are we going to do tonight? This weekend? For [holiday]?” More importantly and always implied, we want to find things to enjoy as a couple or with our family on a budget.

It’s not too hard for us to figure out or think up what events we’d like to attend–a local concert, new restaurant, seasonal event, brewery, local family activity, etc. Sometimes, it’s more difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on around us at a specific time, and when or how we can get the best deal.

Local places or events offer deals and coupons from time to time, but lately, one of our favorite resources to utilize is Groupon because there are always great deals. I used to use it primarily to save on eating out or general services but am realizing there are more and more events I didn’t even know were going on around me that I can attend and save on.

If you’re wanting some great Groupon Things to Do ideas for yourself or even to gift to a friend, head to Groupon’s site or download their app and check out the Local tab to find Things to Do. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to search for things to do with family or friends, and on top of that, affordable, which is what I like best. 

Our family, over time, has come to find what works best for us, the events our kids enjoy most, and the things my husband and I like for date nights, and Groupon is generally the most efficient way for us to take advantage. For some great ideas on things to do, check out some of our personal favorite things to do below…

Our Favorite Things to Do

  1. Vintage Market Days
  2. Pottery classes & paint classes
  3. Haunted house visits
  4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra & general performing arts events
  5. Kids’ gymnastic classes
  6. Winery experiences
  7. Brewery experiences
  8. Local concerts
  9. Spa day (me-time)
  10. New restaurant date nights

What are some of your favorite Groupon finds?

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