Tips for Savvy Shopping with Groupon Coupons

As a mom, there are stores I frequent often, and I shop at these stores religiously because I like their style, prices, and a lot of times, their family-friendliness. For these reasons, several other parents and families shop and stock up using the same or similar stores. And regardless of where any of us shop, we all want to save more money.

There are extreme couponers and there are those who only use a coupon when it’s shoved in their face at the register for an item they’re purchasing. I think it’s fair to say most of us fall in the middle. However, when I gear up for a big grocery shopping trip or have the same coffee shop I frequent several times a week, I will pull up an app, get on a shop’s social media platforms or search online to see if there’s a way to save a few bucks or a hefty percentage off my purchases.

Just recently, I stumbled upon a service Groupon offers that I had no idea existed called Groupon Coupons. It’s available on their site or easily accessible on their app.

Basically, anytime I go shopping, I can pull up Groupon on my iPhone, go to Categories, click Coupons and search the store. Depending on the store, several coupons are generally available to use. And instead of sitting on my computer for hours, printing coupon after coupon, or frantically searching different sites and apps on my phone, I can easily (and quickly) save a few dollars just by pulling up one app on my phone.

Where to Save

A few of my family’s favorite stores to save on (and probably some of yours) include:

What places do you shop most often and have you searched them on Groupon?

Published on on Updated on 21 April 2022

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