6 Wines that Pair Best with ShondaLand Shows

It’s finally here. The night we’ve been waiting for since, well, Alex punched Andrew on Grey’s Anatomy…

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons–the weather, the beautiful colors, the bustling of school and events, Halloween, and yes, the Fall television lineup! My favorite, for years, being Shonda Rhimes’ shows. I think it’s safe to admit we’re all curious how Shonda Rhimes keeps writing shows that are so riveting. So much so that I look forward to Thursdays just as much as Fridays–hence ABC’s clever #TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday).

Although Scandal won’t be included in this year’s Fall lineup, due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, it will be back midseason. And to add to the ShondaLand repertoire, Shonda’s coming out with another show called Still Star-Crossed–unlike anything she’s created before.

Regardless of whether you watch one Shonda Rhimes show or all of them, there’s no denying a glass of wine (or bottle) accompanies the true ShondLand experience. Experts may be able to tell you which wine goes best with shrimp, steak, or dessert, but what if I could tell you which wine best suits your #TGIT?

Lucky for you, I’ve done the painstaking research of drinking wine after wine and watching show after show each Thursday night every Fall for years. Because of my sheer hard work and dedication, I can now confidently tell you which wine to enjoy with your Shonda Rhimes’ show(s) of choice…

ShondaLand Wine Guide

Grey’s Anatomy

Chardonnay. In general, Grey’s is a little more upbeat, a little lighter but still has some really dry spells (like half the original cast dying). For the most part, it seems the characters try their best to bring positivity into their situations and others’ lives, which is why a wine that can still be considered light and fruity but also a dryer of the whites is the perfect glass to sip during your Grey’s episodes. I also think it speaks volumes that Chardonnay is my favorite kind of wine and Grey’s has and always will have the largest spot in my heart.


Cabernet Sauvignon. Scandal’s got some heavy shit going on–it’s stressful. A fruity Pinot Noir just isn’t going to cut it. Plus, have you seen Olivia drinking wine in this show (and if you answered “no,” there’s no way you’ve seen even five minutes of Scandal)? Because she always has a full-bodied glass of red wine. Although she never specifically mentions a real type of wine, it’s been alluded to in several articles that a Bordeaux wine is the culprit, which is based on Cabernet Sauvignon. And if you just can’t stomach the Cab’s taste, I’d also recommend Merlot. Enjoy, gladiators!

How to Get Away with Murder

Malbec. HTGAWM is a dark, twisty, never predictable side of Shondaland. Just when you think a situation can’t get any worse, it does. Everyone is hiding something, and if there was a good character at the beginning of the show, they’ve definitely been turned by now. Malbec is the wine for HTGAWM–it’s made up of the darkest fruits and driest flavors with a very slight sweet tobacco finish, depending on the amount of oak aging. It’s a dark wine pretending to have a hint of sweetness to pull you in, just like every character in this show.

The Catch

Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. Both of these wines can be sweeter but still have a bold taste. Both are higher in acidity, and both are a bit lighter. So far in The Catch, the characters are much sweeter than in the other shows, their relationships are bold, but they often deal with very acidic or catty situations. The overall mood of this show is a bit lighter and more playful than the others I’ve seen from Shonda Rhimes, and in turn, both of these wines will get you through the show gloriously.

Still Star-Crossed

Banyuls. This show is a throwback. Like Romeo and Juliet-esque. It’s an indulgence and has a very forbidden vibe from the characters, relationships, and previews. Banyuls is a dessert wine–it’s a wine you don’t drink a lot of but what you do is indulgent and rich. Although we have yet to see the show premiere, watch the preview above, and I can guarantee you’ll understand why that flavor matches with this show.

To make things even more interesting, I always want a snack to enjoy during TGIT, and that go-to is almost always popcorn and/or pizza.

In the midst of creating this amazing ShondaLand Wine Guide, I also happenstance upon a pairing graphic that is now going to be my favorite for wine and popcorn pairings via SkinnyPop. They gave me permission to share it with you, and it pretty much puts the cherry on top of this wine guide by allowing you to pair the perfect, healthy popcorn snack with your ShondaLand shows, too.

Which ShondaLand premieres are you looking forward to most? Mine is Grey’s Anatomy, tonight!

ShondaLand Pro Tip:

If we do have to endure another breakup (which we will) during this Fall season, feel free to reach straight for the Tequila. It’s what Meredith would want.

Published on Updated on 21 April 2022

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