Christmas Trees on Parade

This year, I’m excited to participate in Christmas Trees on Parade hosted by Terri Steffes over at Christmas Tree Lane. Check it out for great traditions, a few holiday laughs, and some beautiful Christmas tree photos…

Every year, one of my family’s (and many others’) favorite traditions is picking out and/or decorating a Christmas tree. Although to be completely honest: growing up, sometimes it was the hassle my family tried to put off, but without fail, each time we picked a night and went for it, it was nothing but warm, fun memories.

Last year, our family started a new tradition where we head to the local tree farm and search for the perfect live tree to decorate. My husband’s parents and his sister’s family come with us, and it’s definitely a tradition I look forward to continuing for a long time.

The first year we picked out a Christmas tree, we forgot it was on the roof of our vehicle and pulled straight into the garage–which is a hilarious memory now. Luckily, nothing got ruined, and this year, we were much more aware. As we continue celebrating Christmas as a family, I’ve also noticed it’s become more and more enjoyable.

Mostly because as the years have gone by, we’ve collected all that we need, and I don’t find myself running around all of December trying to find lights or decorations or Christmas-like outfits, etc. We’ve built up our stash, and I feel that this year we’ve reached a point where we’re prepped and can just enjoy setting up and being in the midst of the holiday season.

One thing that’s helped immensely in keeping our holidays running smoothly is efficient storage for our Christmas stuff. I have three plastic storage boxes for Christmas items:

  • 1 box for the tree & decor
  • 1 box for the Christmas lights (because, geez, there’s a lot)
  • 1 box for any other miscellaneous items we may use

That means there’s no prep for us that goes into decorating for Christmas. I grab the boxes, open them up and off we go all in one evening! It also means it’s super easy to pack up whenever it’s time to “un-decorate.” As a pro tip, in the misc. box, I also keep an entire package of unopened AA batteries and AAA batteries, because lawd knows you WILL need them for the holiday season.

Unboxing the Christmas lights.

This year has been a bittersweet Christmas for us, as my mother passed two days before Thanksgiving, but we’re choosing to use the holidays and time with family as tools to heal and remember happy memories. We’re also taking comfort in the new memories that we’re making. My husband brought home new ornaments (another tradition we’ll continue) for each of our kids this year, and I cannot express the excitement they had opening them and placing them on the tree. One, of course, was Nemo for our son…

But as much excitement as my kids get from the fun, trendy ornaments and themes, my true favorites are the beautiful, intricate globe ornaments. They’re always classy and stunning to me, and on top of that, most of our more precious ornaments have great family or friend connections with loving backstories.

As always putting up trees throughout the year, ours is a combination of fun or crafty kids’ ornaments and special, meaningful ornaments. It makes for a very cozy outcome…

What are your favorite Christmas tree ornaments and holiday traditions?

strongly encourage you to check out the rest of our Christmas Trees on Parade for more great trees, and traditions and simply see just what others are doing this year–if not for great tips, just simply to take a minute and enjoy the holiday spirit.

published on December 8, 2016 updated on 16 April 2022

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