14 Types of Mommy Facebook Friends

When you become a mom, you begin to realize and appreciate how many other friends you have on Facebook that are also moms. Over time, you connect and interact with their posts more and more until one day you realize the majority of your Facebook feed is filled with other moms.

You also begin to realize there are a few distinct Facebook personality categories, and each mom friend fits into one or two of those. Here’s a breakdown of the 14 types of mommy Facebook friends we all have.

Over-Sharer Mom

This is the mom on Facebook that often leaves us thinking, “Did she really just say that?” You probably know everything her significant other does to piss her off, each time there’s drama going on with family or friends and when her period starts. You’ve also unwillingly seen a photo of her child’s poop. At this point, you’ve probably gone as far as to “unfollow” her … unless you’re the next type of Facebook mom.

Complaining Mom

Also see Debbie Downer. This is the mom that doesn’t post an update unless she’s complaining or sharing awful news. Chances are she’s also the one posting statuses every other week about how she’s going to clean out her friend’s list. Other topics she frequents are how annoyed she is with people on her timeline, threatening to unfriend the next person to send her a game request, or the newest doomsday theory. A lot of times the things she complains about are solvable (like simply unfollowing friends or blocking game requests), but you’ve just come to the conclusion that misery likes company.


Blog Mom

This mom, as everyone on Facebook has heard, owns her own blog. She often refers to herself as “CEO mom” or “mommy blogger” and takes pride in creating step-by-step craft tutorials to get saved on Pinterest. She’s got some surprisingly well-designed images and probably advice to offer when yours aren’t “optimized” correctly. However, from time to time, she can break it down with her words and get real relatable. Chances are she’s sent you an invitation to “like” her blog’s Facebook Page.

It Works! Consultant Mom

It Works [read: Jamberry, Beachbody, Mary Kay, Tupperware] Consultant moms post statuses that are five paragraphs long, end every sentence with an exclamation point, and use all the emojis. They REALLY want to offer you the opportunity to try something for free, but that also means you’ll feel obligated to become part of her “team.” Although a lot of us view these as annoying pyramid schemes, you also have to admire the hustle. Some of the independent consultant moms actually make a lot of money. And let’s be honest: we all use at least one of these brands, in which case knowing one of these moms gets you the hook up.

Privacy Mom

This mom refuses to post photos of her children out of fear for their safety. Occasionally, they post a status addressing why they don’t post photos of their children hoping to get other moms on board or stop the judgment of those rolling their eyes.

Alcoholic Mom

Everything this mom post has something to do with wine.
Photo: wine.
Article: types of wine that pair well with a toddler’s temper tantrum.
Check-in: a winery.
What’s that? They’re eating fruit salad… Nope, Sangria.

Holier-than-Thou Mom

“Is that a post of your kid eating boxed macaroni? WELL, I have never…” This is the mom that does every single thing by the book. She will openly judge you for letting your kid pick up something off the ground without dousing it in hand sanitizer. On Facebook, she shares her very conservative views and photos of only the finest organic cuisine, local of course. #Blessed

Super Fit Mom

This mom posts just as many post-workout selfies as she does photos of her kids. She makes statuses about her 5 a.m. morning run, and we all hate her. Mostly because we just envy her.

Photographer Mom

Whether amateur or actually surprisingly good, this mom has all the picture-perfect posts of her kids, cool items strategically placed on a colorful backdrop, and candid event shots. Chances are she and blog mom are BFFs. 


This mom doesn’t actually have to be part of the PTA, but either way, she’s always planning and enlisting. Her parties are Pinterest perfect and so is every photo she posts on Facebook of her home and kids. Chances are she was in a sorority in college.

Advocate Mom

Breastfeeding selfies, removing peanut butter from schools, sharing articles on how to become more eco-friendly, checking in at the local soup kitchen–you name it, this mom is advocating for it. We mostly appreciate her strong will and boldness, but every once in a while, we just shake our heads and scroll on.

Inappropriate Tagger Mom

This mom tags you in the worst content–videos, memes, photos. She’s most likely a friend from high school who’s still a little stuck in high school mentality. Although some of it is hilarious, you end up hiding most of it from your timeline. Chances are she’s a Trump supporter. 

Tell it Like it is Mom

This mom isn’t afraid to admit she forgot to pick up her kid from daycare today. She’ll post a photo of her toddler having a complete meltdown and giving zero care. She’s the mom most of us relate to and appreciate for letting us laugh at her relatable mishaps and chaos.

Snapchat Mom

This mom Snapchats everything first but saves the photos/videos and posts them on Facebook. The majority of her photos are of her kids using Snapchat filters. You don’t know too much about her except that she likes to take selfies. 

Which Facebook mom are you?

Publised on update on 15 April 2022

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