3-Ingredient Almond Pancakes 2022 

This year I’ve started changing my eating lifestyle. I’m opting for healthier choices, local picks, and using recipes, like these almond pancakes, as a resource. If you check out my guide and ASSET to eating healthy, you’ll see what it’s all about and find a great graphic to keep handy for healthy food choices!

Often people–including myself–like the idea of becoming healthier but sometimes the effort it takes to do so derails the goal and motivation. As I’m determined to change the way I eat and use food as an asset, I’m also on a mission to find recipes and tricks that make being healthy just as simple as the standard American diet (which is so appropriately abbreviated as S.A.D.).

Recipe Tips about Almond Pancakes

Below is just one of hopefully many recipes to come that take the place of food myself and my family enjoys and have grown used to but need modification to become healthier. These almond pancakes don’t compromise much on taste, especially with some local farmers’ market fruit and honey, and are quicker and simpler to make than regular pancake batter. Although not necessary, I do often add a couple of teaspoons of baking powder to add some fluff, and my entire family (including two toddlers) eats and enjoys these pancakes.

By themselves, they can have a very almond-heavy taste, which I suggest cutting with some fruit on top and honey or agave to take the place of syrup. Make sure the bottom side has completely cooked before flipping; otherwise, flipping will get a little tricky and messy!

These pancakes are a new favorite for us, super simple and hopefully you can incorporate them as well.


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Published on updated on 15 April 2022

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