20 Ways Being a Sorority Girl Directly Related to Motherhood | 2022

When I was in college, I joined a sorority.

Before your judgment takes over, no, it’s not always like the stereotypical movies and TV shows where girls only throw parties, drink, and act like ridiculously idiotic floozies. I went to a small university where many of the women in my sorority took on leadership roles, spent time in the community helping out, and worked hard both on and off-campus to become worthy professionals. Yes, there were nights out and good times had, as with any group of friends, but overall, my time there was intense, and enlightening, and provided me with some of my best experiences and finest friends. And believe it or not, I grew–leaps and bounds–socially, morally, and professionally because of it.

Eventually, I graduated, and my time as an active member transitioned into alumnae. The chapter of sisterhood was over and a new chapter began: motherhood.

As this new chapter unfolded, old friends found new homes and new children found my home, but I began to notice that the bonds of sisterhood were very much a foundation for the throes of motherhood.

Here are 20 ways being in a sorority prepares you for motherhood:

  1. Hours and hours and days and days of philanthropy and community service are just the tips of the iceberg in terms of the amount of effort put into a non-paying position.
  2. Working off baby fat is just as difficult–okay, maybe more difficult–than working off constant half-price appetizers and cocktail hours.
  3. You will always be pinpointed as a stereotype–whether it be sorority girl or mother–whenever you wear yoga pants, throw up a messy bun, drink wine or appear at a local Target.
  4. Sometimes Most times babies’ actions appear eerily similar to the actions of a tipsy adult.
  5. Because of tipsy adults, you’re no stranger to cleaning up barf and drying tears.
  6. Party planning skills gained from events and gatherings transfer over perfectly to birthday parties and family gatherings.
  7. Finding unique ways to fundraise for your organization and members prepares you for finding savvy ways to budget for your family.
  8. The occasional check-ins and reports required for the national office are the equivalent of a child’s well check-up with the pediatrician. No one wants to take time out of their busy schedule to do it, but in the end, it’s necessary and helpful.
  9. Getting ready for a Greek event is very much like preparing to visit your OBGYN: shave, do your hair, wear something nice, act sophisticated and be a little nervous.
  10. Late nights and coffee.
  11. Cramming for an exam requires the same gusto as tackling all the laundry build-up in one day.
  12. Anyone who’s not in the ‘hood assumes you spend your time doing a whole lot of nothing relevant.
  13. Having the girls around, whether they be sisters, mothers, or daughters, makes life so much fuller. And slightly more dramatic.
  14. A whole bunch of people only like you for your boobs.
  15. The rituals: initiation ritual, bedtime ritual. All you know is there’s singing and they all blend together at this point.
  16. In whichever house you reside, there’s a chore list and somehow you end up doing all of it.
  17. If you put food in the refrigerator for later, there’s only a 50% chance you’ll be the one to eat it. Labeling it doesn’t help.
  18. The toilet paper roll is always empty and it’s baffling that no one else knows how to change it.
  19. There is truly never a dull moment.
  20. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, you always love and support them.

Were you part of an organization or group of people that molded and prepared you for motherhood? Share your experience in the comments!

Published on Updated on 15 April 2022

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