Tips for Your Next Family-Friendly Vehicle Shopping Experience

It’s no secret most people dread going to buy their next vehicle. If not because of cost because of the stigma associated with dealerships and automotive retailers. Although not all are joining modern day trends, marketing statistics and customer experience expectations, many are, and this is great news for families–and especially women–researching their next vehicle purchase.

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Automotive makers and dealerships alike are appealing to families and women in less stereotypical ways and focusing on the reality and attributes they’re actually seeking out—safety, tech, space, environmental friendliness and accessibility.

Although there are dealerships and retailers out there that may not uphold the best standards, with a little bit of online digging, it’s much easier to find a modern, family-friendly, transparent place to purchase your next vehicle.

To make your next big family purchase much more enjoyable, follow some simple tips when shopping for your next vehicle.

Four Family-Friendly Car Shopping Tips

Rely on reviews. Industries all over are realizing reviews make a difference, and several dealerships and general automotive retailers have taken huge steps to up their customers’ experience. Search your local dealerships online and see what others have to say. You can even visit sites like Edmunds or DealerRater to find the dealerships closest to you and get their ratings.

Stay safe. A simple online search will verify whether your car dealer is selling vehicles with open recalls or not. For example, services like CarMax still sell vehicles with open recalls, and several automotive outlets will publicize or highlight that so consumers can be aware. Personally, that’s a safety hazard I don’t want to chance. You can also head straight to an automotive retailer’s website to search for their policy and verify vehicles sold there are always recall-free. Going with a recall-free retailer, like AutoNation, is a simple solution to the problem of dealers selling openly recalled vehicles to families. 

Check out dealerships’ social presence. When you’ve narrowed down your choices, head to Facebook (or maybe even Twitter) and see how the dealership interacts with their customers online. If there’s a complaint, did they respond? Are they sharing relevant automotive content regularly? Do they hold or participate in events for their community? These are all great things to look for when trying to pinpoint a progressive and family-friendly dealership.

Know what you want. Before you head into your dealership of choice or reach out to the service or retailer you’re going with, know what you’re looking for. Have a list of features that are important to you–safety rating, Apple CarPlay, ample trunk space, Park Assist, type of vehicle, etc. Even if you’re unsure what make and model you want, knowing what features are important to you can help steer both you and your dealer in the right direction.

What was your last car shopping experience like?

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Your Next Family-Friendly Vehicle Shopping Experience

  1. We actually just bought a car and my husband did a bulk of the research because he has the time. I, however, spent more time on figuring out the value of our trade-in, what we could finance for a new one, and most importantly, the safety features of the new vehicle we wanted to purchase. Luckily we dealt with a dealer that also does not sell recalled vehicles so we were in the clear with that. Shame on CarMax.

    1. That’s awesome! I really find (especially in the automotive business) research and consumer reviews are key in going somewhere good. I think safety and tech features are two of my favorite to research and implement.

  2. I can’t believe Carmax sells cars with open recalls! Unbelievable. These are great tips and very helpful. I’ve never thought to check their FB pages to see how they handle customer inquiries there as well. Great idea!

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