3 Clever Gift Ideas Just in Time for Father’s Day

It seems Father’s Day snuck up much quicker this year, and many of us are left scrambling to come up with the perfect, budget-savvy gift for the impossible-to-buy for dad or husband in our lives.


Each year, our family tries to create an enjoyable Father’s Day composed of three gift categories: a DIY element from the kids, an experience and a tangible, useful gift. The first two are generally budget friendly, if not free, and the material gift is usually an item I know my husband or dad has been wanting or could use to make a common task more efficient.

For those of us still looking for quick yet meaningful or useful ideas for Father’s Day, here are my 3 favorites this year:

Heartfelt DIY

Having the kids create something for dad is one of my favorite Father’s Day activities. Especially now that our children are reaching the age where they can think up ideas of their own, finding the perfect DIY craft is really all up to the kids’ imagination. Some of my favorite crafty DIYs to put together for Father’s Day include:

  • take the kids for a photography session and put something together using the photos (or a photo)
  • use the kids’ feet or hands in paint to create clever designs–hearts, primarily–on canvas
  • let the kids draw and frame their art or use it as a card
  • have the kids help you DIY or refurbish a small piece of furniture, sign or room in the house just for dad
  • have the kids help you with a full detail on dad’s vehicle or a deep cleaning of the grill, lawn mower, etc.


An Experience

Each year, I try to create a meaningful and enjoyable experience for my husband or for the family on Father’s Day. A few great ways to provide an experience on a budget include:

  • make a homemade meal
  • invite family over for a get together
  • go to a favorite location (park, lake, downtown area)
  • fish
  • bike
  • participate in a free Father’s Day event offered locally


If you’re wanting to provide an experience and spend a little money doing it, these are some are great ideas, as well:

  • head to a favorite restaurant
  • buy tickets to a show, event or concert (even if it’s on a different date)
  • amusement park
  • movie
  • staycation or weekend getaway

Another simple way to come up with a clever experience is to pull from what so many of us moms want for Mother’s Day:

  • take the kids for the entire day and let dad relax at home all by himself
  • find a babysitter and have a Netflix binge with some adult drinks and pizza
  • confer with friends and set up a guys’ day out

A Tangible Gift

This one is always the hardest, and each year, it seems to get harder. Unless I know of something specific my husband’s really been wanting, I always make a point to find gifts I know will be useful and make general life more efficient. This year, some of the most clever dad-gifts and ideas I stumbled upon include:

The Brush Hero. My husband has a few prized possessions that he uses weekly, if not daily, and they include his vehicle, his grill, his lawn mower in warmer seasons and his craft/building tools. There are two problems with these items: they get dirty quick and they’re very hard to keep clean–which also means they almost never get cleaned. Before I was introduced to Brush Hero, I didn’t really think there was a simple way to keep our big, outdoor items and tools clean except to give in after months of using something and scrub it for hours on end. When I read up and tested out Brush Hero, I realized it was an easy, quick way to continuously keep our bigger, messier items clean, whether we wanted to wash them each time we use them or once every few months. It’s the perfect, affordable gift for dads that effortlessly attaches to the hose, and as a bonus, I found the kids had a ton of fun playing with it and helping me wash off our dog.


Beer of the Month. My husband, like many fathers, is a beer guy. He loves trying new beers and especially testing out craft or unique beers–from local breweries to brews from all around the world. When people talk about what to gift children or new moms, a gift basket or monthly subscription always seems to get thrown in the mix, but rarely do we consider it for the dads in our lives. This is why I thought it was such a great idea to find a beer of the month subscription. It’s a clever way for my husband to sample something new and unique each month, and it’s a gift that lasts all year.

Power Pen. Dad is fairly tech-y, and he works on his phone and computer all day long. Because he constantly builds online, he also likes to write out what he’s doing or what needs to get done as visual aid offscreen. To do this, he has one really nice pen, and the two times I’ve attempted to borrow it, he hunted me down to retrieve it. So, when I stumbled across something that solved two problems–a constant low phone battery and having only one nice pen–I had to jump on it. BuzzFeed featured something called a Power Pen that both writes elegantly and charges your phone. It’s perfect for the working dad who uses his phone often (or forgets his charger occasionally).

What are some unique and useful Father’s Day gifts you’ve seen this year or gifted in the past?

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  1. Love the list!!!!! I’m all about the experience gifts & thankfully so is my hubby so for most holidays that’s exactly what we do! Make a memory out of the day 🙂

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