10 Hashtags We Need to Stop Using in 2016

There’s nothing wrong with a couple hashtags in your tweets and posts. They’re there to gain traction, up interaction and make your posts searchable, but for some of these once popular–or still too popular–hashtags, it’s time to put your precious characters into something more meaningful, useful or just not plain stupid.

Here’s a list of 10 hashtags we need to stop using in 2016:

1. #WifeyMaterial Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. This is, simply put, degrading to women and wives as a whole. You can make a pie? Awesome. That shouldn’t be the reason a man (or woman) wants to marry you. Nor should your goal in life be to do things that make you societally outdated, 1950’s “marriage material.” Stop it.

2. #HouseWife It’s not really funny or cute anymore. If you want to appear like a girl on The Real Housewives of Orange County then maybe you actually should continue using this hashtag. And also, I feel sorry for you. However, if you think spending the day in yoga pants, drinking wine and watching t.v. makes you a house wife, you’re wrong. It makes you #LazyWife (which is great from time to time). However, you obviously have no idea what many actual married women without mainstream careers do all day, but I guarantee it’s not sit around eating bonbons on their sofa.

10 Hashtags We Need to Stop Using


3. #SorryNotSorry I understand; sometimes it’s necessary to say very forward things and NOT be sorry about it… So, why are we saying sorry at all? Say it unapologetically and save yourself the 14 characters. (And before you count the characters in “SorryNotSorry” and assume I’m wrong, include the # as a character.)

4. #LOL Are we all, really, collectively as human beings, still 14? Can’t we just know when things are supposed to be funny and laugh on our own without using “lol” anymore? It’s getting old.

5. #Selfie Occasionally, I get it, we all drink a little too much wine. But in general… Are you in high school? Are you of the age where you should be considered a functioning adult in society? Then why in the heck are you taking selfies?

6. #NoFilter Is this an attempt to brag about the selfie you just took or let people know all your other photos are so bad they need filters? You see my point.

7. #YOLO *insert hacking throat noise here* This hashtag is primarily frustrating because of how it’s used. YOLO, meaning “You Only Live Once” is often used as an excuse to do something ridiculously stupid, when in actuality, if you only live once, shouldn’t you be careful to preserve the life you’re only living once or take risks that further enrich your life? Plus, Drake really believes he created this term (although he didn’t really, he did at least make it popular), and if you’ve seen him dance lately, you might be glad you only live once.

8. #AnyRidiculouslyLongHashtagThatHasNothingToDoWithAnythingSomeoneWouldAc
If you do it every once in a while to be satirical, fine, I get it, but if your serious hashtags are often the size of a sentence, I would suggest not using hashtags at all. Generally, the point of a hashtag is for someone to be able to search a general topic and find your post. Hashtags that no one would ever know to search defeat the purpose.

9. #FirstWorldProblems Are you bragging about being so well-off that your problem really isn’t that much of a problem? You look a little bit like an asshole.

10. #JustSaying You know that feeling when someone texts back “K”? The whole world wants you to feel that by responding with a virtual “K” when you use that hashtag. #JustSaying

What hashtags would you like to see disappear in 2016? Comment and join the conversation below!

25 thoughts on “10 Hashtags We Need to Stop Using in 2016

  1. My pet peeve is that most people don’t seem to understand what hashtags are for. Or else they do and they’re just trying to be trendy or funny? I don’t know. But I agree with all of the above!!

  2. Wifeymaterial?! Really? That’s a thing? I actually cringed when I saw that. I’ve used some hashtags on IG that I’m not proud of in an attempt to get people to see it, but I agree, these need to go.

  3. Hahaha! What a great list. I haven’t seen many of these hashtags aside from #sorrynotsorry. I have to admit that I am totally guilty of number 8, but I own it. I don’t use them so that people can search the hashtags, I use them to be funny. Hashtags crack me up.

    1. Thanks! And I definitely have done/do some of these on occasion to be completely sarcastic or funny! Lately, for some reason, I’ve been seeing these a lot, and from people/tweets that just make me shake my head!

  4. Ok, I have to admit that one of my Facebook followers and I have a tradition of using the #AnyRidiculouslyLongHashtagThatHasNothingToDoWithAnythingSomeoneWouldAc
    tuallySearch It’s become a joke between us and other readers on the page always laugh about it. But I promise it’s only in comments on the FB page, not used seriously! Oh and I really really diskike #sorrynotsorry. I used it once and wanted to back and delete!

    This is a great post, Tessa!!!

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