Rosemary-Mint Latte

My newest, and currently favorite, latte invention is a rosemary-mint latte. The ingredients are simple, probably already in your home and very inexpensive if they’re not. The rosemary-mint syrup is quick to make and will last a solid week or two (depending on how addicted to coffee you are).

Below is a photo of everything you’ll need + whatever “creamer” you use–whether that be skim milk, whole milk, coconut milk, packaged creamer, soy, whatever. I omitted that from the photo since that’s generally very specific to whoever’s making the latte!

rosemary-mint latte


Ingredients for Latte

2-3 ice cubes for iced latte
1/2 cup of coffee
1/4 cup of rosemary-mint syrup [ingredients/directions for syrup below]
Spritz of milk/creamer–optional
Coffee mug


  • Grab your mug and throw in the ice cubes if you’re making an iced latte
  • Pour the coffee and rosemary-mint syrup, and mix
  • Add spritz of milk (creamer)

Ingredients for Rosemary-Mint Syrup

1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water
1 sprig of rosemary
2 sprigs of mint
Mason jar–or sealable container–to store excess


  • Mix sugar and water in a pan over medium-heat until sugar begins to dissolve
  • Throw in rosemary and mint and stir for approximately one minute
  • Pour into a mason jar to save for continued use


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9 thoughts on “Rosemary-Mint Latte

  1. oh, this sounds so yummy! I love rosemary! I have some growing in the backyard, I’m going to do this tomorrow morning!

  2. Interesting! I would have never thought up that combination for a latte. I think I’ll start with mint and then go from there…I’ve only used rosemary for savory things, so I’m a little scared. 😉

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