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Raise a Hand

After our kids grab their bags and hop on the bus each day–waving goodbye to their parents (if we’re lucky)–teachers are the people who guide and look after them. They teach our children lessons about history, math, science, english and also lessons about life. They spend hours decorating classrooms, creating lesson plans and grading schoolwork, and often people forget to take a minute from their day and simply recognize the great teachers around them.

Fashion resale site thredUP.com (awesome back-to-school deals) has partnered with AdoptAClassroom.org to do just that–recognize and thank the teachers who have made a positive impact on our children with Raise a Hand for Teachers. Teachers are extremely generous with their time as well as their money. According to AdoptAClassroom.org, teachers spend around $500 of their own money each year to equip their classrooms, and 70% of teachers also purchase apparel items–like jackets, socks and shoes–for their students.

Every so often, it’s teachers like that that students stumble upon and their lives are changed forever. I, personally, know a wonderful teacher who influences her students and teaches with her whole heart every day. Each time I hear her talk about teaching and her students, I can tell she has a passion and truly loves what she’s doing day-in and day-out.


I’ve nominated Mrs. Tiffany Wilson from Mountain View Elementary because she’s positive, upbeat and such a great gift and influence for everyone around her, especially her kindergarten students. Vote for her and #RaiseAHand for Teachers or nominate a teacher who inspires you!

Some more info…

  • Nomination period is July 15 – August 23

  • Three teachers each win $2,500 for classroom supplies and $500 to thredUP. 50 runner-up winners receive $100 to thredUP.

  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 8 (following Labor Day weekend)


#HE is happy to partner with thredUP to promote amazing teachers and offer awesome prizes for selected nominated teachers!

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