15 Completely Illogical Reasons Mom Wants Another Baby

You can’t deny there’s a longing–no matter how illogical or fleeting–each time a chapter in life comes to an end. Especially when it’s time to decide whether you want to continue having kids or be done for good.

It’s during that decision making process, or even after you think you’ve made the decision, you begin to notice the little, ridiculous things that make pregnancy and having a new baby seem suddenly and unrealistically awesome again.

Here are 15 reasons that make mothering seem wonderful all over again.

  1. There are so many toys and an entire playroom that need a few more years of use–otherwise, your either hoarding kids’ toys or giving them away, and that seems like a waste of an entire room full of toys.
  2. That one time one of them actually did something sweet that brought tears to your eyes.
  3. There’s an outfit at Target you want your kids to wear, but they’re all too big now.
  4. You’ll do everything perfectly this pregnancy–yoga, classical music, clean eating, the works.
  5. You secretly look forward to the hospital stay after giving birth.
  6. All of your babies have hit the stage where they’ll no longer cuddle.
  7. Because you want at least one pregnancy where the gender remains a surprise.
  8. For 9 more months, the eternal baby bump you have will actually be because there’s a baby in there.
  9. There are endless amounts of awesome announcement and reveal video/photo/post ideas bouncing around in your head.
  10. Being required to meet with an OBGYN 20+ times throughout your pregnancy will also double as a checkup anytime your hypochondria kicks in.
  11. There are so many names you still want to use.
  12. The firsts never get old, and there’s only one way to get more.
  13. There’s a higher chance at least one of them will take care of you when you’re old.
  14. There are plenty of nursery themes you have yet to execute.
  15. So you can take advantage of all the new developments and items you wished you’d had when your other children were babies.



15 Illogical Reasons Mom Wants

Photo courtesy of Tabitha Odle, Alathea Photography

What illogical reasons cause you to want another baby? Share below!

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15 thoughts on “15 Completely Illogical Reasons Mom Wants Another Baby

  1. This is so true. Especially #4 and #11. We are to that point where we are trying to figure out what we want to do. We have 3. And number 3 will soon be a year. I feel like if we wait too terribly long, then I won’t want to start all over again for the third time. Part of me says lets just do it and then be done, no beating around the bush. The other part of me says that there are days where I feel so overwhelmed by three, that there is no way I could squeeze in face time with a fourth while I’m nurturing the other three. Then my kiddos do something sweet like hold hands or play endlessly in the yard with each other and they’re so happy and then I’m all like, “well, I really like the names Waverly or Madeline or John so what’s one more.”

    It’s a back and forth. Maybe God will just make the decision for me either way. All I know is that should we not have a fourth, I’m not the one getting fixed.

    Okay, that’s way too long of a comment! Great post 🙂

    1. That was the BEST comment. I completely understand. We have 2 and constantly go back and forth between having a third for the same reasons. Some days it’s sunshine and butterflies and well-minding, adorable awesomeness. Other days, I can’t even get a meal made let alone pick up a toy, write, sit down for a second or get any sleep. I, too, really just hope the decision is made for me either way. Thanks for the awesome feedback 🙂

  2. I am a mommy to a 10-month old sweet baby girl and from the beginning, both my husband and I have been consumed with baby fever. It’s crazytown! Any time I see an announcement on FB, I’m like AH! I want that to be me. But this stage is so much fun, but exhausting and I couldn’t imagine chasing after my baby girl with another baby growing in my belly!

  3. Lol. Loved this post. I can totally relate to reasons like outfit at target or nursery themes that I would like to try. And the one dat atleast one of them would care for you when u r old, neat 😉

  4. Ah! Yes! I can relate! I want a third about half the time. The other half? Not so much-at all. My husband is a definite no, though, so I guess that’s my answer. LOL! Love this list!

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