21 Reasons Summer is a Parent's Frenemy



As a general person before kids, summer was the season to look forward to all year long. It was a time to relax, get a tan, be outside, enjoy friends, travel, read a book … until you become a parent–enter clunky toy to the head, exit summer-before-kids daydream.

Yes, it’s mostly enjoyable to spend more time with the kids. The family time and summer activities are a great change of pace, but there’s no denying that the second we become parents summer goes from being our BFF to being our frenemy.

Here are 21 reasons summer is now the season parents love to hate.

1. Someone we know will graduate and make us feel old. Bonus points if it’s one of our own.

2. The kids are home all day. Every. Single. Day.

3. Bathing suits are no longer our friends.

4. It’s too hot.

5. And sweating all the time sucks.

6. Sunscreen is slimy, smells weird and has to be slathered all over ourselves and the kids every time we step foot outside.

7. At home, the air conditioning only cools some rooms–either the kids’ rooms are way too cold and the parents sweat all night or the parents’ room has to be kept bone-chillingly cold to keep the kids comfortable. Main gathering areas are always hot.

8. Fans just push around hot air.

9. Family vacation.

10. Large bodies of water are the highest item on our worst-case-scenario list; they’re also the highest item on our kids’ to-do list.

11. It wouldn’t be summer without at least one sunburn … with peeling skin.

12. Unless it’s raining, there’s no justification for not wanting to go outside.

13. The only good time to workout is way too early in the morning or way too late at night.

14. All the good t.v. shows are off the air until Fall.

15. The Oscar-worthy movies don’t come out until December.

16. Your home has replaced the school as the place everyone’s kids hangout all day.

17. Ergo, you have to go grocery shopping daily.

18. There’s no point in doing anyone’s hair, because humidity.

19. Aside from the 4th of July, back-to-school time is the closest thing to a holiday.

20. If you dare take advantage of being able to have an outdoor event, it will rain.

21. The amount of people at any kid-friendly attraction (zoo, amusement park, museum, playground, swimming pool) is absolutely unreal. And borderline not worth it.

20 thoughts on “21 Reasons Summer is a Parent's Frenemy

    1. Thanks! And I do my work at home too, which may or may not make career-ing a bit more difficult! Plus, my babes are too little to go to school just yet. So, in some aspects, it’s a year-round summer here! 🙂

  1. I’m so thankful for summer after months of being buried in snow, but I do agree, it has it’s moments! I’m always super annoyed going to public kid places where we normally go, but now there are a million kids desperately celebrating summer! 🙂 Hang in there!

    1. Yes! My babes are too little to be in school, so we’re used to going everywhere with little to no crowd throughout the year. When summer hits though, WAY too many people out! You hang in there too!

  2. Well as a first time parent, you nailed every new reason I have a frenemy in summer. The sweating is unreal, and very real. I don’t remember being this sweaty as a kid. I dread the graduations. Thank you for the late night giggles. I really enjoyed it!

  3. So very true! I guess I’m used to the one about kids being home all day since we homeschool, but it does drive me crazy when we’re on summer break, they are always asking to watch TV or play video games. It’s enough for me to whip out some workbooks and do a little summer school.

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