Cloth Diapering in St. Louis + A Genius Giveaway

Before Women’s History Month is up, I wanted to take a minute to talk about an inspiring lady from St. Louis who most definitely has made history and will continue making an impact.

About a month ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jennifer Labit (pronounced la-bee, not labbit, as she might have you know). I’m sure many of you, especially those of you who are part of ‘the mob‘ know exactly who she is, but for those of you who don’t, Jenn is the creator and CEO mom behind Cotton Babies and several cloth diaper brands–her most famous being bumGenius. She began all of this on $100 and the struggle of choosing between feeding her family or diapering her children. Now, Jenn strives to create a world where women don’t have to choose–where women can affordably diaper their babies.


Jennifer Labit [left] and myself at MommyCon Chicago.

I want to share two important aspects of her movement in this area, and nationally.


Jenn is a serious advocate for women in business. She gathers up statistics and speaks repeatedly about the obvious inequality in the workplace between men and women. One statistic that sticks with me: Between 4-5% of women are CEOs of large businesses, meaning 95-96% of them are men. And in an interview I recently had with Jenn, she went on to say, “We are seen as mothers and caretakers before we are seen as contributors to business leadership, and you saw that with Marissa Mayer, who was hired by Yahoo! when she was five months pregnant. Of course the public is going to comment on her fitness as the CEO of Yahoo!, but their first comments were not about her education; they were not about her work experience. They were about the fact she had a baby growing in her belly. Does that disqualify her from being a leader of a large company? Heck no. Our brains don’t stop because we’re pregnant or lactating. There’s a reason we’re not there, and it’s not because we’re moms.”

That’s powerful, and it’s true.

Jennifer Labit

Jennifer Labit pictured with her adorable son. Photo courtesy of Cotton Babies.


Jenn also works tirelessly to insure she can help make diapering affordable and available to mothers around the world. In her words, “Every baby needs diapers. Moms have to have diapers to send their baby to daycare so they can have a job. Daycare requires you provide diapers. If they can’t afford to buy the diapers they need for their baby to go to daycare, Mom can’t work. If Mom can’t work, we remain in poverty. It’s a self-perpetuating problem. I just decided that we were going to do whatever it was going to take to fix it. So, we did, and we’re doing it, and it’s continuing to grow.” [check out the full interview with ALIVE Magazine]

Out of this, Jenn created Share the Love, which allows families–who are done with their cloth diapers–to pass them along to a local host who can give them to families in need.

So, for those of you looking to frugally (or fashionably) cloth diaper, head to Cotton Babies if you’re in the St. Louis area or check them out online if you’re not!

And Finally:

In honor of cloth diapering, St. Louis, being a mama and the month of women … and madness (coincidence? it better be), I present to you a genius giveaway:

Alicia bumGenius Stay-Dry 4.0


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This giveaway is only available to those in the US. The Alicia cloth diaper up for grabs was purchased at MommyCon and has been worn twice, washed twice.

37 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering in St. Louis + A Genius Giveaway

    1. I’m big on green and healthy living. Cloth diapering allows me to take those same values into parenting. I absolutely love it and have already converted several mommas!

  1. We’ve been CDing since we had our first, almost 4.5 years ago. Now little brother (2) is CD’d, and little sister will be CD’d when she’s born in June! We looooove the savings! 🙂

    (I clicked on the banner, too. 🙂 )

  2. I clicked on the banner!

    I’ve had a good experience cloth diapering our almost 2yro from birth. Not quite potty trained but it will be interesting having soon 2 little ones in cloth diapers!

  3. We like cloth diapering because it it good for the environment and a fluffy bum is too cute!
    I also clicked the banner. 🙂

  4. I am planning on cloth diapering (due next month) for so many reasons! It’s healthier for baby, the environment, and my wallet 🙂 (PS- clicked the banner) So cool you got to meet Jenn I’ve heard she’s awesome, which is one more reason I like supporting cottonbabies!

  5. Amazing, my husband and I have decided that ones we have a second kid we will only use cloth diapers. I didn’t know a lot about them when I had my daughter almost 7 years ago and in all honesty was a bit intimidated. But now I am definitely going to go for cloth diapers.

  6. I’m ALL about cloth diapering. I never knew that’s how she got started, either. Love the company even more, now!!

  7. What a great mission to support! Diapering is expensive and it seems to be a need mostly overlooked by agencies that provide services to families in need.

  8. I love cloth diapers because they are practical, FUN, cute and best for baby, environment and wallet 🙂 What’s not to love?!

  9. I love cloth diapers because they save us a ton of money and aren’t full of chemicals like most disposables. They’re adorable too!

  10. I cloth diaper because it is a financial and ecological benefit. I’m saving my bank account (well once my stash is stocked) and the earth one cloth diaper at a time. Not to mention who doesn’t love a fluff bum?!

  11. My favorite part of cloth diapering is not having to worry about dangerous chemicals on my children’s skin. Adorable prints and different colors don’t hurt either :-).

  12. I love cloth diapers because they are just so cute. I like to match my twins bums with solids and prints or the boy /girl sets. It just makes my heart happy

  13. I must admit…..i am addicted to cloth diapering. I love all different brands and all their adorable prints!! Wish I would have known more about cloth with my first son. We did not start cloth until my second was 8 months old. I clicked the banner 🙂

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