Here's to you, moms

Kissing boo-boos and making airplanes out of spoons.”

Here’s to the headaches and three hours of sleep. Smelling like milk and a trash full of diapers. Showering, if you’re lucky, and stumbling over toys you have yet to pick up. Rushing to leave the house and always running a little behind. Feeling like a giddy school-girl on trips to the store alone. babeWiping snotty noses and wet butts. Endlessly doing laundry and dishes. Perfecting the art of cooking for children and forgetting how to make a real adult meal. Getting one kid to sleep, and as you sit down, another waking up. Saying “5…4…3…2…1” more times in one day than any other words. Kissing boo-boos and making airplanes out of spoons. Not having a thing to wear because who knows the last time you went shopping. Searching all over the house like a mad woman because you know you just saw that item around here somewhere. Knowing every word to the most ridiculous songs in the world. Multitasking like a boss. Mom friends and play dates. Chauffeuring. Changing clothes, whether it be yours or theirs, several times a day. Drinking cold coffee. Mindlessly rocking, out of habit. Teaching the same thing over and over again, until one day, it sticks. Playing out worst-case scenarios in your head and over preparing to prevent them. Knowing how to fix everything. Forgetting where you put your phone. Rubbing dirt on it and crying over spilt milk. And little, adorable hands, feet, faces, smiles and laughs that make every single day worth it.
Here’s to you, moms.

3 thoughts on “Here's to you, moms

  1. YES!!!!!! You’ve nailed it!! I am a mom to four children ages 3-8 and honestly, you have pinpointed my life!!! Here’s to us Moms. We are amazing, borderline psychotic, but mostly the unexpected super hero with our capes tucked inside our shirts, stained with applesauce and something mysteriously sticky. Here’s to you too! Mothers Unite!!! lol Thank you for a great post, making me smile, and not feeling so alone in this world.

  2. Such a lovely post! I am constantly forgetting things! My fiancé makes fun of me for it, he now gives me a “check list” before I leave the house “Keys, Phone, Wallet, Bottle, Diapers&Wipes” CHECK!

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