100 Days of Healthy: Day 81

For those who haven’t seen my original post on #100DaysOfHealthy, I have a list containing 11 items, and I plan to start each item on a new week and report back the changes I see throughout that week. Once I start an item on the list, I will continue it until the 100 days is over. Hopefully each item will become a lifestyle change if I think it’s worthy.

Alright people, I’m in the home stretch. 19 days left and I’m dong extremely well! No news is good news in this case because I haven’t had much to report. As I mentioned in Day 57, I already started item #10 and so all that’s left is item #11 which I will be doing only during the last week of the 100 days.

I can honestly say I’ve been doing all the items on the list so far religiously and think it’s made a huge difference. Below, I’ll make a list of all the changes I’ve noticed:

  1. I sleep better and fall asleep easily at night
  2. Weight loss
  3. More energy throughout the entire day
  4. Clearer thinking
  5. Less hungry
  6. I don’t crave sugar and junk food as much anymore
  7. No more headaches or migraines
  8. Very little to no anxiousness anymore
  9. More active
  10. More positive

To offer a bit of explanation as to what the items were like, on the list above, before I started my 100 Days of Healthy–

  1. Sleep: I had a horrible time falling asleep at night and would often stay awake until 1 or 2 in the morning trying to fall asleep.
  2. Weight: I just had a baby and had lost the majority of the baby weight but was stuck on a number when I still was/am trying to lose more weight.
  3. Energy: I was relying on caffeine to gain energy throughout the day and was otherwise mostly tired and had to force myself to do things throughout the day instead of wanting to.
  4. Clear thinking: I think the best explanation is what most people would call pregnancy brain–foggy, forgetful and just generally not to full potential.
  5. Hunger: I was eating a ridiculous amount of sugar, as most are and don’t realize it, and my body was burning sugars instead of fat. So, I was always hungry and craving bad foods because when your body burns sugar, it burns it fast and then tells you that you’re hungry again. Vicious cycle to break but worth it.
  6. Cravings: This one kind of goes along with “Hunger” as well, but since I’ve stopped eating sugar, I barely crave it. And to clarify what I mean by not eating sugar, I’ve cut out all added-sugar items and high natural sugar items like fruit. I’ve cut out all dairy except real butter, and I’ve cut out breads, pastas, rice because these carbs all turn into sugar in your body. The best way to explain it is by telling you what I do eat: Meat, veggies, quinoa, beans and nuts.
  7. Headaches/Migraines: Anyone who’s been around me a significant amount of time knows I get migraines and they put me out an entire day at a time to put it lightly. When I first cut out sugar, I had an awful migraine and headaches for about 2 weeks and after that, I’ve had nothing. This is probably my favorite result because they were miserable.
  8. Anxiousness: During my second pregnancy, I would occasionally just get really anxious for no reason and it continued some after the pregnancy too. Since I started this 100 Days of Healthy, the anxiousness has pretty much subsided.
  9. Activeness: I mentioned earlier the lack of energy and desire to do anything, but of course when you become more active, you generally want to continue to be more active.
  10. Positiveness: Overall, I just feel better and more content, and that makes my mood and outlook so much happier in general.

The babe and I doing “Yogi,” as she calls it, (Yoga) this morning:

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