100 Days of Healthy: Day 42

Okay, okay, I’ve been MIA for a week. I will be starting the next item (item #6) on my list tomorrow instead and am still continuing on with the prior items on my list.

To prove it, here’s a lovely photo of my children at the chiropractor with me:


Ella caught in the act of trying to shut her brother up…

For those who haven’t seen my original post on #100DaysOfHealthy, I have a list containing 11 items, and I plan to start each item on a new week and report back the changes I see throughout that week. Once I start an item on the list, I will continue it until the 100 days is over. Hopefully each item will become a lifestyle change if I think it’s worthy.

For now, staying on item #5–Breastfeeding, I’ll post another helpful article on the timeline of breastfeeding. Great read for all moms, new and experienced.
Timeline of a Breastfed Baby

Next, begins item #6–Take Supplements.

1. Drink the correct amount of water daily 
2. Cut out sugar
3. Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day
4. Go to the chiropractor bi-weekly
5. Breastfeed
6. Take supplements
7. Oil pulling
8. Bye-bye caffeine
9. Eat only lean meats
10. Light exercise at least 20 minutes a day
11. Make and drink healthy smoothies/juices

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