Day 1 of Countdown to Oliver: DUE DATE


Today, June 26 is my due date! It’s finally here, and it’s hard to believe how fast this pregnancy seemed to go by in comparison to our first. The countdown list is already complete since there were two items done in one day at some point. It’s safe to say I’m as prepared as possible with the house, food, help, material items, but I can’t say you can ever fully prepare yourself mentally or physically.

You’d think after I’d gone through one pregnancy and birth the anxiousness and nervousness would subside, but nope, it still exists. I think the idea of a newborn + a toddler + no sleep is what worries me most. But it is comforting to think there are unimaginable numbers of other mothers who have done it and currently do it everyday, including most of our families, and they’ve all survived. I’m also stubbornly set on Oliver coming naturally instead of being induced this time, which is also a new aspect where I have no idea when or what to expect.

With my first, I had no sense of urgency toward the end and at no point did I ever think she would be early or come on her own. It’s like I just anticipated being late and being induced anytime I thought about it during my pregnancy. However, with this pregnancy, I truly understand the meaning of feeling like a walking time bomb. There have even been a couple days that with every step I take I think this will be the jolt that breaks my water. It’s a slightly exciting yet anxious way to live. And I’m sure, like anything else, when I’m finally not thinking about it is when it will happen.

Thanks for those of you who stuck with me through the countdown and stopped by to read posts. It was fun and a great way to stay busy and distracted while still finishing all the little things that I needed or wanted to get done.

In honor of my due date and being more than ready to meet our son, I’ll post a list of all the interesting ideas I’ve heard that may help bring on labor. Feel free to comment with some of your own!

Natural Labor Inducing Ideas (although none are 100% proven, why not try?):

  1. Spicy foods
  2. Pedicure – The next three (2-4) have everything to do with pressure points and stimulation
  3. Massage
  4. Acupuncture/Acupressure – Study at the University of NC found “Seventy percent of the women who got acupuncture went into labor on their own, compared to 50% who received standard care. The women who got acupuncture were also less likely to deliver by cesarean section — 39% compared to 17%.” 
  5. Walking/activity
  6. Yoga ball
  7. Sex – According to WebMD, Dr. Harper “…sex releases prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that are like the medications used to induce labor.”
  8. Prunes or castor oil – I tried prunes last time and would NOT recommend any laxative method of going into labor. As to why, I’ll just say I’m lucky I did not go into labor that night…
  9. Evening primrose oil (capsules) – supposedly helps ripen the cervix 
  10. Raspberry tea



5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Countdown to Oliver: DUE DATE

    1. Tried them all with our first (but not consistently), no luck, but with our second, I’d say sex worked. Seven hours afterwards I was in labor. Although, I did do most things on that list every day the last week or two, so they easily could’ve helped me along, but none of the others were immediate or obvious.

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