Benefits of Slings/Wraps


Photo and sling made by Valdar Loves

I want to talk about wonderful ring slings and their benefits for baby and mom.

Parental Benefits

  • Slings are convenient, plain and simple
  • They allow mom (or dad) to keep baby close while remaining hands free and able to multitask
  • For the same reason (remaining hands free and able to multitask), slings are also helpful with multiple children
  • Wearing baby can burn around 300 calories, daily
  • Breastfeeding is easy and convenient while sling-wearing … slings also make it possible to stay covered while breastfeeding in public

Babies’ Benefits

  • Babies cry less and are much easier to comfort or soothe to sleep in a sling–it’s documented they cry up to 50% less on average
  • Because slings prevent crying and more fits, this allows babies to more often be in a state referred to as ‘quiet alertness’, which helps them to learn and observe their environment
  • Slings keep babies against the body which helps balance babies’ overall being outside the womb the same as mothers’ movement, rhythm, sounds, etc. do while they’re developing in the womb
  • Better digestion from the constant, gentle tummy pressure
  • “When a baby is touched with warmth and care [sling-wearing], the brain is flooded with hormones. These enable the child to form the brain connections he or she will need to develop feelings of warmth, love and empathy towards others.”–Brainwave Trust PDF

We recently purchased a beautiful Wrap Conversion Ring Sling. I’m so excited to start using it with our soon-to-be newborn and wanted to get the word out for any moms who are wanting to find a carrier.

Update: Although I had a positive experience purchasing my sling from Valdar Loves Etsy Shop (which no longer exists under the same name), I’ve recently seen several bad reviews on that specific shop of mothers saying they were scammed. So for mamas looking for a wrap/sling or combo, proceed with caution if you go through Katherine Stewart/Valdar Loves. I can’t speak personally from a bad place because I did have a positive experience, but there are several, literally hundreds of women, who have created groups and posts to share how they believe they were scammed or how it took several weeks to get their order.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Slings/Wraps

  1. A sling or other method of babywearing is definitely a lifesaver with a baby! With my first, mostly because I took her to work with me. With my second, because I already had a VERY active toddler. LOL We are planning to try for baby three soon, and I just got a great deal on an adjustable sling that’s more comfy than what I was using. Good tip! 🙂

    1. They’re amazing! I had a carrier for most of our first’s youngest stage, but when I was able to use a sling, it seemed so much more personal and comfortable/adjustable to me. But, I completely agree, baby wearing in general is definitely a lifesaver!

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