Day 14 of Countdown to Oliver: Clean Pump and Bottles


Sorry guys, but this one is boring. For something more heartfelt and interesting, visit Day 15 of Countdown to Oliver from yesterday. Today, I super-cleaned the pump and the bottles we used for the toddler. Although I plan to breastfeed the majority of the time, it’s always nice to put breast milk in a bottle for dad to feed the babe every once in a while. And if we ever get a night out, like we used to quite a bit with Ella when we lived close to family, we’ll need them too.

Helpful tip: Cleaning breast milk out of bottles isn’t so bad or smelly, but when the toddler switched to whole milk, her bottles/sippy cups reeked! It didn’t matter how many times I washed, boiled or soaked them, I could still smell some milk stench. I did finally figure out something that worked–wash and soak the bottles or sippy cups in soap and tea tree oil (or probably any essential oil). It disinfects and there’s no more nasty smell. Easy, fast lifesaver. You’re welcome.


The Countdown List:

1. Create the segment “Countdown to Oliver” and make list
2. Make a hospital bag
3. Create a baby registry
4. Prepare the baby’s space
5. Set-up pediatrician visit/appointments
6. Install the car seat
7. Have a pampering day
8. Prepare birthing plan
9. Wash shower curtains, rugs and sheets
10. *Reader’s idea* Virtual gift-opening
11. Finish an art project
12. Finish a book
13. Create an exercise regimen for the final 4 weeks
14. Take a sewing class and make something for the newest babe
15. Have a special mom and daughter day with Ella
16. (Re)organize files and paperwork
17. Finalize plans with the OB
18. Prepare for visiting family
19. Cleaning day
20. *Reader’s idea* Clothe diapering
21. Meal prep (frozen meals)
22. Write a letter to the new baby
23. Design birth announcements
24. Date night
25. Invest in post baby clothes
26. Clean pumping and feeding items
27. Take a class
28. Clean the carpets and floors
29. Stock up on toiletries, diapers and groceries
30. *Reader’s idea* Put feet up and rest

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