Canon PIXMA MG5420 Review


I’m posting a review on the printer, Canon PIXMA MG5420 for two reasons:

  1. I had a bad experience with this printer and was extremely unsatisfied with little to no resolve or support from Canon.
  2. I feel I’ve had my review biased-ly rejected on Canon’s website, twice now, even after following their review guidelines.

This is my review:
“For several reasons, I was very unsatisfied with this printer. I had it barely over a year, and it stopped working. It remained in my personal home office, used only by me, and the proper care instructions were followed to a tee. It was rarely used even weekly, so it was not overused. On top of that, the ink could last through maybe 20-40 pages of simple black and white printing before running low, which also progressively got worse the longer I had the printer. When I called to find out more about the printer error, the only thing Customer Service could tell me is I had to pay to have it repaired [which would “cost at least $50, probably more”] or by a new one. I’m kicking myself for not getting an extended warranty, but in my opinion if you take perfect care of something, it should not stop working after barely a year. That, to me, shows bad quality. Very, very unsatisfied.”

I left the part in italics out of the review, above, that I originally tried to submit on Canon’s website, due to Canon’s guidelines.

Another major con that I didn’t include in my original review was that buying the ink for the printer each time was almost just as expensive as the original printer itself. This printer is $80 on Amazon, and the ink is between $50-$60.
That’s something I’ll admit we should’ve done more research on before purchasing the printer, but hopefully that info can help someone else looking into buying it.

Feel free to comment below if you’ve owned the Canon PIXMA MG5420 or if you have suggestions, pros or cons on a specific printer. We are, obviously, looking around for a new printer–preferably not Canon!



2 thoughts on “Canon PIXMA MG5420 Review

  1. Oh, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We’ve always had HP printers and haven’t had any major issues with them. My husband used to have his own business, and he put our printer to work! Ink is always the downside. So expensive! We try to refill our ink cartridges at Costco or at an office store. We usually get about 2 good refills per cartridge, and at about $8 per refill, we save a lot of money.

    1. I had HPs growing up and never seemed to have a problem! This was our first Canon; no idea why we went with it, but we really didn’t consider brand, I guess. Printer ink is always so expensive! But after comparing ink prices with Canon, Canon’s ink seems to be notably more expensive than most of the other brands for some reason. I like the idea of refilling at Costco or an office store; probably more cost effective!

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