Day 20 of Countdown to Oliver: Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers

Photo by Megan Myers, sunshiny dipes.

Today was another *Reader’s Idea* from the list: Cloth diapering. Instead of this reader personally giving me the idea, I was actually inspired to write about it because of reading that she also was going to be a first time cloth diaper-er.

A lot of people seem to have the assumption that cloth diapers are either an outdated hassle or only used by hippies, but there are actually several practical reasons I decided to go with cloth diapering this time around:

  1. It’s much cheaper. Yes, it’s an investment starting out, but after that, you generally don’t spend money on diapers again. Depending on how you do laundry, the only added expense may be a little more money on water usage/detergent, or you can also make your own detergent. During the entire diapering stage of a child’s life, parents save literally thousands of dollars cloth diapering. This is an average cost breakdown
  2. It’s less harsh on baby’s skin. Cloth diapers can be easier on baby’s bum because they don’t contain any chemicals, don’t cause latex reactions and less chance of rash or irritated skin. However, for a lot of parents and babies, this is never a problem. In which case, it’s just nice to go au natural! 
  3. No smelly diaper genie! Yes, you’ll generally have to do laundry every couple days, but I already do that anyway. And it doesn’t take more than a combined couple of minutes to throw something in the washer, switch it to the dryer, and take it out to throw in a drawer. There’s no more stinky diaper genie and no more $10 refills for said diaper genie every week or two–worth it.
  4. Less blowouts. From what I’ve read and those I’ve talked to about cloth diapering, there aren’t as many blowouts, if any.
  5. Of course, it is better for the environment. According to the EPA, there are tens of billions of disposable diapers thrown away each year, and they’re not disintegrating anytime soon–it takes centuries. 

For first time cloth diaper parents:

  • This is a good guide for all The Different Types of Cloth Diapers.
  • And MsDiaperD is a GREAT YouTube channel for legitimately anything and everything cloth diaper related. Seriously look up how-to, cloth diaper brands, washing instructions, anything you can think of, and there’s a video about it. 

Here’s an amazing comparison photo I found from Modern Natural Baby. Great for those who like visuals, like myself. I’d also like to add, we were able to get 24 cloth diapers plus the extra inserts we wanted for $200 instead of the average $500 this photo displays. So, you can also imagine it being done for even cheaper!

The Countdown List:

1. Create the segment “Countdown to Oliver” and make list
2. Make a hospital bag
3. Create a baby registry
4. Prepare baby’s space
5. Set-up pediatrician visit/appointments
6. Install the car seat
7. Have a pampering day
8. Prepare birthing plan
9. Wash shower curtains, rugs and sheets
10. *Reader’s idea* Virtual gift-opening
11. Finish an art project
12. Finish a book
13. Create an exercise regimen for the final 4 weeks
14. Take a sewing class and make something for the newest babe
15. Have a special mom and daughter day with Ella
16. (Re)organize files and paperwork
17. Finalize plans with the OB
18. Prepare for visiting family
19. Cleaning day
20. *Reader’s idea* Clothe diapering
21. Meal prep (frozen meals)
22. Write a letter to the new baby
23. Design birth announcements
24. Date night
25. Invest in post baby clothes
26. Clean pumping and feeding items
27. Take a class
28. Clean the carpets and floors
29. Stock up on toiletries, diapers and groceries
30. *Reader’s idea*

2 thoughts on “Day 20 of Countdown to Oliver: Cloth Diapering

  1. I’m looking at the picture in your post … they make cloth diapers so cute and convenient with the velcro closure. I remember my mom using the old school cloth diapers with the giant pins.

    1. 🙂 Yes, and even better, snap closures too. The prefold and pins were definitely more difficult and very much old school now. Cloth diapering seems to be much more convenient and cute now, thankfully!

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