Day 22 of Countdown to Oliver: Hospital Bag


I’ve had a kind of half-hearted hospital bag put together for most of last month, just in case. Now, I think it’s getting close enough that I should put together a legitimate hospital bag that has everything I’ll need or want, so I can just grab it on my way out the door!

These are the items I think make up the best

Hospital Bag:

–For Baby–

  1. 3-5 outfits/sleepwear 
  2. 2 pacifiers (Even if you don’t plan to use pacifiers, bring a couple anyway. The hospital can provide them but if there’s a specific kind you prefer, start using them from the beginning or your newborn may not want to switch.)
  3. 2 bottles (Same applies for bottles as pacifiers ^. I plan to exclusively breastfeed but am bringing my brand of bottle, just in case.)
  4. 3 lightweight burping blankets
  5. 1-2 swaddles
  6. A personal stuffed animal and/or comfy blanket
  7. Baby lotion (Also available at the hospital, but if you prefer a specific kind, bring it. I bring Wee Body Lavender Lotion and use it for both baby and me.)

Wipes and diapers are provided. (Unless you’re absolutely set on a specific kind or method, it’s just extra space in my opinion. There’s not really ingredients in any of those items that may cause you to want to bring your own, and you’ll be able to switch over to whatever kind you prefer without a problem when you go home.)

–For Mom–

  1. Copy of birth plan (I would give a copy to your OB for their files, see if your hospital will put one in your file ahead of time, and bring one with you just in case.)
  2. 3-5 nursing bras/tanks
  3. 3-5 comfy, post-pregnancy sweats or pajama sets and socks (I invested in/had a couple motherhood pajama sets and breastfeeding shirts/yoga pants; that way I was still in comfy clothes and didn’t feel too dressed-down with visitors.)
  4. Nursing pads
  5. Insurance card/Photo ID
  6. Toiletries (I do all travel sized. Toothpaste/toothbrush, razor, comb, shampoo/conditioner, lotion and makeup if you really want it, although who has time for all that?)
  7. Snacks (You can always eat at the hospital, but if there’s a specific snack or drink you like, why not bring it?)

No worries, awesome mom underwear and pads will be provided for you at the hospital, and my advice would be to take as many of them home with you as possible.


  1. Phone/Charger
  2. Book/Magazine (Just nice to have if there’s some downtime, because you will generally be there at least 2-3 days, if not longer.)

If you have other kids, it might be a good idea to pack a couple toys or cute picture outfits for them as well.

Note: It’s always a good idea to call your hospital or get on their website and pre-register. That way, when you arrive, you won’t have much, if any, paperwork to fill out beforehand. Pre-registering is also the perfect time to see if you can get a copy of your birth plan on file as well.

Second Note: It might seem like a lot of stuff to bring listed above, but everything is actually really tiny and takes up very little space, except the mom clothing items. I was able to fit everything, comfortably, into a Large Utility Tote from Thirty-One, which is only 21.5″ x 10″.


The Countdown List:

1. Create the segment “Countdown to Oliver” and make list
2. Make a hospital bag
3. Create a baby registry
4. Prepare the baby’s space
5. Set-up pediatrician visit/appointments
6. Install the carseat
7. Have a pampering day
8. Prepare birthing plan
9. Wash shower curtains, rugs and sheets
10. *Reader’s idea* Virtual gift-opening
11. Finish an art project
12. Finish a book
13. Create an exercise regimen for the final 4 weeks
14. Take a sewing class and make something for the newest babe
15. Have a special mom and daughter day with Ella
16. (Re)organize files and paperwork
17. Finalize plans with the OB
18. Prepare for visiting family
19. Cleaning day
20. *Reader’s idea*
21. Meal prep (frozen meals)
22. Write a letter to the new baby
23. Prepare announcements to send out after birth
24. Date night
25. Invest in post baby clothes
26. Clean pumping and feeding items
27. Take a class
28. Clean the carpets and floors
29. Stock up on toiletries, diapers and groceries
30. *Reader’s idea*


2 thoughts on “Day 22 of Countdown to Oliver: Hospital Bag

    1. Thanks!
      A family member brought a snack-pack to the hospital after I had our first. It was something I hadn’t thought of, but it was definitely one of the most useful things to have while I was there!

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