Day 24 of Countdown to Oliver: Virtual Gift Opening

Today I took a *Reader’s Idea* for the countdown list. The idea was a great way to share and incorporate our family and friends who live so far from us: Virtual gift opening.

Being 11 hours+ away from the majority of our friends and family doesn’t allow us to have a get-together, shower or even show-off the new baby and/or gifts that people send us. I wanted to find a way for people to still be able to enjoy their thoughtfulness and gifting experience, even if we can’t be with them when we receive it.

I’ll continue to add to this post with updates, thank-yous and eventually Oliver photos when he arrives!

We also want to thank everyone for their kindness in our lives, whether it’s a phone call, text, gift, or simply just knowing you’re thinking of us or following our updates.

Thank you to Taylor and Ty for their adorable book, Oliver. We look forward to reading it to Oliver when he arrives.

Taylor Thank You

Thank you to Kayla and Pat for the cute outfit! I’ll be adding to our hospital bag for Oliver to wear.


Thank you to my Aunt Karen and Uncle David for these adorable onesies. It’s exciting to get boy clothes this time around!


The Countdown List:

1. Create the segment “Countdown to Oliver” and make list
2. Make a hospital bag
3. Create a baby registry
4. Prepare the baby’s space
5. Set-up pediatrician visits and appointments
6. Install the carseat
7. Have a pampering day
8. Prepare birthing plan
9. Wash shower curtains, rugs and sheets
10. *Reader’s idea* Virtual gift-opening
11. Finish an art project
12. Finish a book
13. Create an exercise regimen for the final 4 weeks
14. Take a sewing class and make something for the newest babe
15. Have a special mom and daughter day with Ella
16. (Re)organize files and paperwork
17. Finalize plans with the OB
18. Prepare for visiting family
19. Cleaning day
20. *Reader’s idea*
21. Meal prep (frozen meals)
22. Write a letter to the new baby
23. Prepare announcements to send out after birth
24. Date night
25. Invest in post baby clothes
26. Clean pumping and feeding items
27. Take a class
28. Clean the carpets and floors
29. Stock up on toiletries, diapers and groceries
30. *Reader’s idea*


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