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Coffee TableI was sent a beautiful, handmade coffee table as a wedding gift that I’d registered for on Etsy from Upcycled Woodworks. They specialize in custom pallet wood furniture and decor for your home. Really beautiful stuff.

Unfortunately, either someone during the delivery process or some lowly person moseying by our home decided they would rather take our 50 lb packaged coffee table for themselves. So, a couple weeks after it was supposed to arrive, we were left wondering, “Where is it and why is it taking so long to get here?”

After contacting Upcylced Woodworks, we realized it was showing up as delivered, so I went into detective mode calling FedEx to fight my way through transfers from person to person to person and ridiculously long amounts of waiting in between. After being told something different from every person I talked to and never once receiving a callback from any person who promised one, I eventually dug up the info to call our local sorting facility and had them contact the driver. He said he was “100% positive he delivered it to the correct house”, so the only thing FedEx would do after that was say the sender (Upcycled Woodworks) had to file a claim and take care of it on their end.

When I relayed this info to Upcycled Woodworks, they interestingly enough had been told the EXACT OPPOSITE by FedEx and could barely get anyone to return their calls as well. So after over a month, between myself and Upcycled Woodworks, having to stay on top of FedEx weekly and sometimes daily, they were finally able to get their claim approved, reimbursed and send me a new coffee table.

This story is important to my review of Upcycled Woodworks because most businesses (and even people) that I know wouldn’t have dealt with this difficult and tedious of a situation. Regardless of how long it took or how hard it was, they still got it done and went out of their way to make sure I received the product I was originally supposed to receive. They even threw in a free set of wood pallet coasters, even though none of this was their fault by any means.

I really respect when a business shows they care about their customers. And to top it off, they’re a small, personal business that makes their own items, which are absolutely beautiful, custom and fairly priced.

Definitely check them out for some new home decor, furniture or even a unique gift idea now or in the future.

Upcycled Woodworks

This is a picture of our awesome custom coffee table (before the trough was decorated) with a wood pallet coaster in the corner. Click to visit Upcycled Woodworks’ shop!

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