Student's University of Georgia Build-A-Bear Survey

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Here’s a chance to do a review of your own…
This is a survey being done by a student at the University of Georgia, and I more than want to help her out because
1. She’s a college student, obviously working hard to finish her education
2. She’s doing primary research
3. This helps and targets mothers (parents) and young children

So, please read through what she has to say below if you want but definitely take the survey!

My name is Channing Jones, and I am a senior undergraduate student studying advertising at the University of Georgia. As part of our capstone advertising campaigns class, we are responsible for developing a full advertising campaign for our client. Part of this includes conducting primary research.

We are working with the corporate office at Build-A-Bear and our target is mothers with young children … we wanted to reach out to you … All answers and information will be treated anonymously and will not be published. We believe you … could provide us with some valuable insights into your demographic that would help us and Build-A-Bear better cater to your needs.”

Click here to take the survey!

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