The Little Things We Do that Make No Logical Sense

Courtesy of this picture goes to But Not Yet.

Courtesy of this picture goes to But Not Yet.

1. Very slowly flipping on a light switch, thinking for some reason it will make the light less harsh*Cat hiss* when the light is still far too bright.

2. Same goes for trying to slowly turn on the garbage disposal for fear a fork will be stuck in it, even though it won’t change the speed of the garbage disposal once it turns on… I think it’s somewhat logical to check before I turn it on, but I just don’t want to stick my hand down the garbage disposal and get it all wet and slimy when chances are there’s nothing in it.

3. Opening our mouths as wide as possible when folding a towel under our chin, putting in contacts or putting on mascara
The only time I can really control this is if I’m consciously thinking about it while I’m doing those things, but otherwise, I catch myself doing it every time.

4. Uncontrollably counting the steps to whatever staircase(s) you walk up and down almost every day
“Oh, there’s one less step today. Maybe one of the steps stayed home sick.” Not.

5. Turning down the music in a vehicle, when you’re lost or trying to find/see something
This one could be logical in that you’re trying to concentrate, but I’ve still always found it odd to change something that affects my ears so I can better use my eyes.

6. Completely avoiding a certain word because you’re not sure how to use it or spell it correctly
This one’s funny to me, especially since I’ve totally done it AND I’m an English major. It doesn’t make a lot of sense because it probably takes longer to figure out how to avoid using the word than it does to just look it up.

7. Saying “I’m only 10 minutes away” when you’re really 20 minutes+ away
I used to do this when I was younger because, well, 10 minutes sounds so much closer and makes the person feel more at ease/less frazzled … at first. However, through experience on the other side of this situation, I’ve learned I’d much rather someone just say 20 minutes if it’s going to be 20 minutes. Even if there’s an initial frustration the person is still 20 minutes away, at least I can plan accordingly, maybe get something done or not sit there impatiently waiting 10 extra minutes. Plus if someone’s just straight forward about it once, the next time they say they’re only a few minutes away, I’ll believe it.

8. Driving to the gym
The majority of people I know live less than a mile or a few miles from the gym they use. Now, I understand driving for a number of reasons (kids, beginner, sports, straight to/from work, have a ton of equipment, etc.) or if you live somewhat far away, but especially for those less than a mile or 2 from the gym, it makes more sense to walk or run there considering you’re going there to workout and do just that anyway.

9. Continuing to use your phone to navigate the Web when your computer is within arm’s reach
When I’m using my apps, most of the time it’s just as easy if not easier to use my phone. However, when I’m trying to use the Web or look something up, my phone takes a significantly longer amount of time. I don’t really do this one too much, but I have seen it quite a bit and can only contribute it to laziness.

10. Going back to a place repeatedly, even though you hate it every single time
For myself and every person I’ve known a significant amount of time, it seems like there’s always that one place or thing they regret going to or doing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yet they always keep “trying” it.

11. Shoving something somewhere to avoid having to see it
Sometimes I do this because I don’t want to take care of something right then, and I don’t want to keep looking at it–like shoving a sock under the bed or putting a piece of trash under a coaster. I very rarely do this, but every time I do, I legitimately laugh at myself because I know that no matter how many times I tell myself I won’t forget about it, I will.

12. Hitting the snooze button just one or two or three more times
I don’t know about you, but my snooze button is only set between 5-10 minutes. What is 5-10 more minutes of sleep really going to help?

13. Laughing at the pain of your foot falling asleep, hitting your elbow or stubbing your toe
Anytime I’ve been around someone or had my own foot fall asleep, hit my elbow or stubbed my toe, I’m saying “ouch” through laughter instead of tears (most of the time). I’m sure there’s a scientific or anatomy related explanation, but it’s still odd.

14. Moving with your phone or console controller when playing a game
When I’m playing a game on Xbox, Wii or my phone, I always move with the game like it’s going to help me move better in the game. It’s definitely amusing for other people.

Any odd quirks you can think of? Share them in the comments below if so!

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  1. I totally turn down the radio when I’m lost! I don’t know if it’s because I need the silence in order to concentrate or if it’s purely psychological!

    And, I sometimes open my mouth wide when doing mascara, too! As soon as I catch myself, I do shut it, but almost every other time my mouth is open! 😉

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