Chronic Grump-Face and a Seussical Lyric to Help You Understand

I’m a very clean and organized person. Overall, I truly enjoy working, keeping my home and daughter clean and keeping myself and family organized. Luckily, for the both of us, my husband  and I both enjoy cooking, finding new recipes and making new things weekly. However, like many others, I don’t always necessarily enjoy doing dishes or even laundry if it piles up too high, and I’ve noticed in general and especially when doing these mundane tasks that if I’m not in public or consciously making an effort, I have something many people call chronic grump-face.  I don’t smile ear to ear, all day long when going about my daily tasks at home, but I do think that’s perfectly normal and okay. The only problem I run across from time to time is that my husband sometimes thinks my chronic grump-face means I’m unhappy about something when I’m really not. So, this Seussical lyric is to remind you otherwise:

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“Chronic Grump-Face” picture at very top is a picture from Kris Atomic’s hilarious blog

0 thoughts on “Chronic Grump-Face and a Seussical Lyric to Help You Understand

  1. Haha, “chronic grump face”! I think I had this more when my kids were younger, for some reason. They now (the older ones – 13 and 9) make me laugh so much and we talk a lot, so I feel like I’m being entertained quite often. 😉 But when I’m doing a particularly UNfun task, like washing the dishes, I am sure my face shows at least some grump! lol
    Love the Suess tie-in!!

    1. Thanks! I’ve always just had a more serious face when I’m not consciously interacting. My entire life I’ve gotten, “You should cheer up.” or “What’s the matter?” etc. but I’m legitimately in a fine mood. My husband just says when I’m focused on something I look stern or in deep thought, but I’m not! Good thing for emojis :D!

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