5 Statistics that Might Surprise You and My Experience with Them


1. One in five Americans admit to stealing a coworkers lunch out of the refrigerator at work.

My thoughts on this: If you’re adult enough to have a job, you shouldn’t be childish enough to steal someone’s lunch. I can maybe understand if it’s a close friend’s lunch and someone does it as a joke or they tell the coworker about it later. I can even maybe kind of understand if it’s been in the fridge for over a week (which is completely disgusting but to each their own).  However, when a coworker takes a lunch out of the refrigerator, has no idea whose it is and has no intention of admitting to it or replacing it, they need to grow up.

My experience with this: Luckily, I’ve really only had one experience with this in the workplace. I did live in a sorority house where it happened literally every time anyone put anything in the fridge, but that’s a completely different story. When I was working for this awful company to make some extra money on the side, someone stole my lunch right out of the fridge. My husband was working two jobs and I was working the only temporary job I could find at the time trying to save all the money we could to pay our rent, our loans from college, OH and for our first child whom I was eight months pregnant with at the time. Yes, some coworker stole an eight-month-pregnant woman’s lunch out of the fridge, and I did not eat from 8 a.m. that morning until 5 p.m. that night when I got home. So, thank you, whoever you are. And you’re very lucky I was only working there for another week or so, or it would not have gone without confrontation.

2. One in eight women will get breast cancer, and it’s the second leading cause of cancer death in women.

My thoughts on this: It’s a very real and scary statistic. I also strongly believe it’s very possible to cut your chances of getting breast cancer significantly by taking care of yourself. The things that raise the chances of any cancer but especially breast cancer in women are alcohol consumption, processed foods, large intakes of red meat, too much bad sugar and bad fat, deodorants, radiation, medications that can alter your hormones (including birth control) and lack of or no exercise, along with so many other small things that are so simple to change.

My experience with this: My mother actually had breast cancer when I was a toddler. She is a survivor and has had no relapse since, which she will very firmly attribute to adopting an extremely healthy and organic lifestyle completely void of conventional medicine. My mother having breast cancer in her 30s doubles my chances of having breast cancer. However, she’s made sure I have all the tools I need to rid myself of those chances, and for that, I’m very lucky.

3. In America, between one-third and one-half of marriages end in divorce.

My thoughts on this: It’s truly sad. I do realize people make mistakes and there are extreme circumstances. I also realize this is a touchy subject for many and there are some people who simply agree it’s best to go their separate ways. I also think many people enter into marriage with some idea of perfection and ease, and when things get hard, instead of putting in effort to make things better, couples often knowingly and unknowingly make things worse. If a husband and wife cannot get on the same page when it comes to their outlook on life, putting in a lot of effort and making their marriage work no matter what, divorce can become an option and it often does.

My experience with this: I’ve seen many people throughout my life go through a divorce, and it’s a very intense, sad and/or angry thing. Someone once told me that–Marriage is a decision, and when you choose to marry someone, you should be deciding to spend your life with them no matter how good or bad things get. There will be ups and downs, short and long. The trick is that making a marriage work is continuous and divorce should never be an option. If it’s broken, fix it, don’t throw it away.–I won’t ever forget that, and it’s the outlook I went into my marriage with. My husband and I love and care for each other very much, but we definitely have days where we don’t like each other or something the other did. It happens to everyone, and instead of throwing it away, we fix it. And I’m very happy that I will spend the rest of my life fixing the bad, enjoying the good and eventually getting it perfect with my husband.

4. As of 2012, the average amount of student loan debt was $26,600 and 60% of the 20 million Americans that attend college borrow annually to help cover the costs of an education.

My thoughts on this: Oh, so many thoughts. I see so many people borrowing money and throwing themselves into debt before they even have a career, including myself, that it makes me cringe. My thoughts are that for most people it’s a lose, lose situation. Most who can’t rely on scholarships or government funding (and even many who can) have the choice to take their time getting through college and paying as they go, not going to college and potentially never finding a high-paying career or going to college and having loans to pay back for years and years. The price of an education is only increasing and the cycle is only becoming more vicious.

My experience with this: My husband and I both have a pretty large chunk of change to pay back in student loans. Although I’m very glad we both have an education and degree that has truly made our lives easier in many aspects, I’m also uneasy about having so much debt to pay off so early in our lives. What makes it even crazier is my husband and I both had approximately three-fourths of our education paid for through scholarship, and we still owe $30,000+ in student loans together. Yikes!

5. Around 3.5% of stay-at-home parents are now fathers.

My thoughts on this: Great! If a mother wants to go to work and further her career and a father wants to stay at home with the kids, why not? If both parents want to go to work and further their careers, that works too. I think as long as a family can figure out a way to make things work best for them and their children, no matter who stays home or doesn’t, it’s great.

My experience with this: Currently, I’m a stay-at-home mother, writing on the side for an almost insignificant amount of money. I do plan to pursue the career I’ve always wanted in some form along with continuing my education in graduate school. I personally believe there’s no reason to let my dreams as a career woman cease to exist because I’m a mother, but I also have a great amount of respect for women who devote all of their time and lives to their children. It truly is a full time job and then some, there’s no monetary pay or time off, but it’s completely worth it. I also really think that if I found a job in my career field that could support our family, my husband would be completely on board with being a stay-at-home father if that was what we decided was best.

And there you go, today’s interesting statistics. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with these statistics below!

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