17 Reasons Fall is the Loveliest Season

Fall1. Sweaters, leggings, scarves and boots become acceptable attire.

2. Decorating is simple because you can use items that are literally found right outside––leaves, pumpkins, logs, etc.

3. Everything has pumpkin, nuts or cinnamon added to it, and it tastes and smells delicious.

4. Hot coffee and tea don’t just taste good or help you wake up or get relaxed. In the Fall, they comfortably warm you up.

5. The colors––need I say more? Beautiful, warm … the colors.

6. You can go outside in comfy clothes and not end up sweating, needing a cold shower.

7. After intense workouts or activities, you can sit outside for a few minutes and cool off. Best feeling ever.

8.  You can leave the windows open all day, smell the fresh air and have next to nothing to pay on your electric bill.

9. School festivities are starting and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s a happy, bustling vibe.

10. A hot cocoa and movie day is actually excusable during cooler Fall afternoons and evenings.

11. [This one’s for all the pet owners out there] You can actually put a cute bandana or light jacket on your pet and be able to justify it with the slightly cooler weather.

12. Television’s primetime Fall line-up is back on, and we can finally watch the premieres to the finales that left us high and dry all summer.

13. Cuddling up with a blanket is the absolute best when Fall rolls around. It’s not too hot like in summer, and it’s not a necessity like in winter when you’re only using a blanket because you’re freezing your toes off.

14. Candles add just the right mood, cozy smells and tiniest bit of warmth to your home.

15. Football is back and your fantasy football league can begin!

16. Barbecuing, tailgating, camping and spending quality time outside in general is more comfortable and enjoyable.

17. Fans legitimately make a room cooler instead of just blowing around hot air.

What do you love about Fall?

11 thoughts on “17 Reasons Fall is the Loveliest Season

  1. I love this tribute to Fall (or Autumn, as we call it downunder!). I love the colours of the autumn leaves, crisp cold mornings, cold nights – so I can snuggle under the doona, beautiful sunny days with the warmth of the sun on my back 🙂

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