10 Reasons Going to the DMV Just Plain Sucks

1. There will always, always be a wait. Nine times out of 10, you wait longer than 20 minutes. The majority of those nine times out of 10, the wait is at least an hour.

2. Most of the people there are in a bad mood, employees included.

3. The DMV is very, VERY strict. If you do not have exactly what you need, you’re out of luck, no matter how long you waited and no matter who told you what.

4. If you’re getting a new license, you get one shot at a good picture and you’re stuck with that picture for years. Chances that it’s a picture you like? I don’t know, but I do know they’re not very high.

5. It’s stuffy and smells like 50-year-old carpet.

6. The chairs look and feel like a one-room school from the ‘30s donated them.

7. No one is carrying on conversations and there’s no music. So, hopefully you don’t have to take a phone call or your stomach doesn’t growl because everyone will hear it.

8. It always costs money.

9. If you’re getting a new or another license and actually do have all the correct, up-to-date documents and information, there’s still another obstacle, a vision test. So, make sure your vision, eyewear and/or eye appointments are up-to-date too.

10. You just spent a portion of your day at the DMV. And it’s also very possible, you didn’t succeed and have to jump through some more hoops to go back and try again.

And on top of all that, do you actually even know what the place causing all this grief, DMV, stands for? And no, if you Google it right now, that doesn’t count.

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  1. Yes, DMVs are always horrible, but here in Illinois it’s called the Secretary of State office. And there’s a hilariously oversized pic of the current secretary of state hanging. But I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes…amazing, huh? Apparently Illinois can do one thing right! And my drivers license photo? Always my best! Damon laughs that I’m the only person he knows who actually has a good pic!

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