Juicing Day 6 – The End of an Era

I really don’t have too much to say. I will be honest, there have been a few slip-ups. Food is just so good! It really makes me view food as a drug or addiction considering I’m still getting the calories, fats and nutrition from what I’m juicing but am fighting myself to not go buy a burger. And starting this entry on day 6, it really seems like it should be day 14 or 15. I’m going to stop blogging daily and go to weekly (or the end of my juicing phase next week).

Weight: 185

Mood: Good, sharper, still tired off and on (mostly because of the babe I think)

Tip: Find something to distract from food… For example, I told myself every time I think about slipping up and just eating something that I have to complete a chore around the apartment or do something equally productive. Needless to say, a lot has gotten done this week and my apartment is spotless.


I juiced for 2 weeks and lost approximately a pound a day. I gained energy and definitely felt overall healthier and happier. However, after resuming solids again, it’s hard not to overeat and undo everything the juicing cleanse has done. I plan to juice again in May or June, but this time with the following revisions:

1. Continue incorporating juicing into my diet when I’m finished with the juicing cleanse.

2. Prepare juices ahead of time. Otherwise, the effort and time to do it at every meal and snack becomes tedious and harder to make yourself do.

3. Consider finding a way to get food commercials outlawed.

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