5 Simple Ways to Feel Carefree Again, Mama

The other day I was driving home from one of the thousands of events my kids have going on, and my daughter begged me to roll down the windows. “No, we’re going too fast” is my response about 99% of the time, but on this particular day, I just didn’t care. So, I rolled down the windows on the interstate and kept rolled down the entire way home. And you know what? It was weirdly freeing–carefree if you will.

Rolling down the windows made me feel like a teenager again–content and carefree, which got me thinking. When was the last time, I truly felt carefree, even if it was just for a minute? I couldn’t tell you. I had no idea, which means it’s been way too long.

So, to insure I let go a little more, even if it’s just feeling carefree for a minute or two, I thought of all the little things that make me feel like a kid again, momentarily content or just exhilarated in general. Enjoy and take a minute to be carefree today.


1. Roll the Windows Down

When you’re on your way home from work, with the kids or whatever, roll every single window down in your vehicle. Let the wind mess up your hair and flutter lightweight items everywhere. Turn up the music and just take it in for a few minutes. I promise, you’ll feel better.

2. Do Something That Terrifies You

Whether it’s making a phone call to someone you’ve been afraid to reach out to, taking a class or jumping out of a plane, do something you’ve purposely avoided because of fear. Even if it’s just something out of your element, like going to a concert or taking a kickboxing session, let loose. Little or small, the exhilaration you get from doing it will make you feel ecstatic and carefree, like you can conquer the world.

3. Be Spontaneous

How many times do you say to yourself in a day, “Well, I would do ____ but ____.” The answer is probably several times. The next time you catch yourself thinking up an excuse when someone asks if you want to go do something or you kind of want to have sex but you’re tired or you don’t know if you can find a sitter for XYZ or whatever the case may be, STOP and do it anyway. You see that place you’ve been wanting to try on your way home, pull over and try it. You see that event you’ve wanted to go to every year, get tickets. Just do something spontaneous pre-mom you would’ve done, now!

4. Plan a Road Trip or Staycation

Whether it’s with friends or your significant other, plan a weekend away somewhere. Even if it’s an hour down the road and only for the day, get away from work and kids and enjoy yourself. Have a drink, eat good food, laugh and talk about dumb stuff. Getting out of your bubble and in an environment that forces you to have fun and relax is one of the best ways to feel carefree again and recharge.

5. Listen to Old Music

What did you listen to in high school? College? Before kids? Think of one of your favorite singers, albums or songs from the past and blair it in the car, in your headphones or throughout the house. You’d be amazed how many great memories and awesome feelings come flooding back when you listen to music from your past … and maybe even dance a little.

What are your favorite ways to unwind and feel carefree?

8 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Feel Carefree Again, Mama

  1. I can’t remember the last time I rolled down the windows just to feel the wind in my hair. It is usually to let a fly out on a road trip! LOL. I should try it. #3 needs to happen more often. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  2. Great tips and reminders! Love doing something spontaneous and freaking out the kids..lol
    Dancing to old music and driving with the windows down are a must and not only will it free and liberate you from the daily grind but you’ll also create some fond memories for your kiddos 🙂

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