13 Hilariously Cute Sibling Costumes for Halloween

It’s hard to believe it’s already September, and Fall is officially right around the corner. Over the past week, every store I’ve stepped foot in has thrown up Halloween decor, costumes and candy all over–it’s insane. However, it’s also reminded me that I don’t want to wait until the week of Halloween to find my kids’ costumes this year.

Last year, I managed to pull together and make a Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat costume (as you’ll see below), and I want to continue to get the most use out of adorably awesome sibling costumes while my kids are still young enough they don’t protest (that much).

Below are some hilariously adorable sibling costume ideas for you to consider this year…

1. Cruella de Vil + A Dalmation

[sc name=”Dalmation” ]

2. Cookie Monster + A Cookie

[sc name=”Cookie” ]

3. Miss Piggy + Kermit the Frog

[sc name=”Kermit” ]

4. Starbucks Barista + Coffee

[sc name=”Coffee” ]

5. Mad Hatter + Alice in Wonderland

[sc name=”Alice” ]

6. 3 Little Pigs + Big Bad Wolf

[sc name=”Pigs” ]

7.  Bob Ross + a Painting

[sc name=”Painting” ]

8. Glinda + Wicked Witch

[sc name=”WickedWitch” ]

9. Curious George + The Man in the Yellow Hat

[sc name=”CuriousGeorge” ]

10. Three Blind Mice

[sc name=”BlindMice” ]

11. Chef + Lobster

[sc name=”Lobster” ]

12. Circus Ring Master + an Animal

[sc name=”Circus” ]

13. Stroller Stoplight

[sc name=”Stoplight” ]

What costumes have been your favorite throughout the years?

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10 thoughts on “13 Hilariously Cute Sibling Costumes for Halloween

  1. I love these. I’m lucky that my boys still let me pick their costumes too. I have a feeling it will be ending soon, but I’m going to try one more time. I wish they were still little enough for that stroller stoplight!

    1. I’m seriously considering Miss Piggy and Kermit this year, but I also really want to do (not pictured above) Lilo and Stitch… mostly because my daughter is 100% Stitch reincarnate.

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