5 Simple Ways to Cure a Case of the Mondays

I think it goes without saying that Monday is the day people dread most. It means there’s still five more days until the weekend, it’s means we’re going back to reality or a routine, and it’s just taken on a negative vibe in people’s minds from so much hate.

Case of the Mondays

I’ve gotten to the point I no longer want to waste an entire Sunday dreading Monday and then turn around and waste an entire weekday wishing it was over. I’ve recently implemented some new strategies, and although they’re simple, they make a big impact.

1. Mentally punch anyone in the face who says “case of the Mondays” to you

Technically, I’ve only typed it, so I’m exempt. Psychologically, when you’re surrounded by people talking about Monday dread or someone being a Debbie Downer in any capacity, it tends to bring you down a bit, too. Try throwing a positive spin on conversations that are leaning towards Monday shade or create some sort of comic relief to quickly change the mood.

2. Listen to music

Never underestimate the power of a good song. Create a “Monday Playlist” in iTunes, Pandora or Spotify and include songs that always put you in a good mood and make you want to sing along. Music is actually proven as a natural antidepressant and can quickly get you out of a funky mood. Pretty cool, huh? You can read about all the scientific awesomeness behind music’s effect on the brain here.

3. Start an exciting Monday tradition

Whether you go into the office or stay home with your kids, find a way to implement a tradition into each Monday that gives you something to look forward to. When I stay home with my kids, we do “Movie Monday,” find a movie (or two) we really want to watch and just relax part of the day. When I work, I either grab Monday drinks with a friend afterward or take an actual Monday lunch and go somewhere I enjoy to eat. Either way, I give myself less reasons to dislike Monday and replace them with things I enjoy instead.

4. Take a break

It happens to the best of us: every once in a while we get stuck or have a day where nothing seems to go right no matter what we do. That’s okay. Sometimes, it feels good to just embrace a crappy day. If you’re truly having one of those Mondays, stop stressing about it, take frequent breaks and know that your head will hit the pillow eventually. Go stand outside for a few minutes, grab a coffee, talk to or call a friend, hit up a new shop or class–do little things throughout the day to disrupt your routine and give you a break from the norm.

5. Prepare ahead of time

The great thing about Monday being the first day after the weekend is you have more of an opportunity to prep for Monday than any other weekday. Before the weekend’s up, prep all your meals for Monday, get your stuff or your kids’ stuff ready Sunday night and take a shower, do your hair, layout clothes or whatever else might eliminate a mundane task you normally have to fulfill on a general weekday. This way when you wake up Monday morning, there’s not a need for stressing and rushing. You might even get to sleep in a few extra minutes or use the spare time here and there throughout the day to slow down or focus on something else.

How do you feel about Mondays and what do you do to start your week out right?

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Cure a Case of the Mondays

  1. Love this post! I mostly dread getting up in the morning on Mondays, since my husband often lets me sleep in a little on Sundays. I like the idea of planning something special to look forward to on Mondays.

  2. Good post and so timely! It’s Monday already?! and August?! Ahhhhh! It’s pouring rain outside so I’m probably stuck at home with the 3 kiddos until tonight. Thankfully we have plans to get out and have dinner with friends or I might go crazy! : )

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