5 Thoughts Every Mom Has When School’s Out

It’s that time again. School is out for the summer and all the dirty, rowdy kids in the neighborhood will clutter up the streets day in and day out, rain or shine, for the next three months.


For the next three months, parents will question why they decided live in a family-friendly neighborhood, let alone have a family of their own. Each day will be filled with “Mom, I’m bored” and “It’s hot” from sun up to sun down, and that family road trip you planned will leave you wondering what in the serious heck you were thinking.

So, in honor of the commiseration commencement of summer, here are five things every mom is thinking when school lets out each year.

1. Schools seriously let kids out for a full three months…

2. I just want to go anywhere on a weekday in peace, without families and children everywhere.


4. The heat? I can’t even. And no, I don’t want to go to the damn zoo.

5. Is it Fall yet?

Enjoy your “break” and share your thoughts on summer below!

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School is Out

4 thoughts on “5 Thoughts Every Mom Has When School’s Out

  1. Hahaha love this!!! My hubby was just reminding me over the weekend that Haylie is out of school in just a few weeks. I send her to school in the summer, but it’s only a few hours where as school during the year is all day…. I’m going to lose my mind after the first few weeks of fun wear off lol…

  2. Haha, this made me smile! I still have a few more years before I truly have the summer break, but even with a 2-year-old my summer is going to look very different. Hoping we both survive it!

  3. I agree 10,000%. I am not a Summer person and now that I have a little one to entertain it’s going to be an interesting 2.5 months. I’m counting down until August 29th when he goes back!

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