10 Sentences that Perfectly Describe Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

For most stay-at-home parents, life is chaos. In fact, some of us might rather head out the door to work every day just to get some alone time and socialize with humans who don’t pick their noses and poop their pants (at least in public). We love our children, but being at home day in and day out comes with little annoyances and unpreventable events that make us want to bash our head against the wall. In honor of the daily grind, here are 10 sentences that perfectly describe what it’s like to stay at home with kids:

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1. You almost literally spend your entire day picking up, cleaning and washing clothes, but at the end of the day, for the life of you, you cannot explain how your house looks the exact same as it did that morning.

2. Someone comes to the door unannounced and you can guarantee they assume you’re a lazy so-and-so who’s spending the day on the couch and hasn’t washed anyone or cleaned anything in weeks.

3. That stain … everywhere.

4. What’s that smell?

5. You’ve almost completed a task uninterrupted, you realize it seconds before finishing, panic and quickly locate each child.

6. Is it nap time yet?

7. You see there are truly similarities between parenting and partying: cleaning up children’s–or grown children’s–vomit, being so tired–or recreational–that colors make sound, staying up until 1am every night and knowing half of the people around you only like you for your boobs.

8. People ask you to hang out when they’re off work and you’ve stopped feeling bad when you say ‘no,’ because, well, you’re never really off work.

9.You can honestly say you’ve held deep, intellectual conversations about poop.

10. Is it bedtime yet?

What sentence would you use to describe being a stay-at-home parent?

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21 thoughts on “10 Sentences that Perfectly Describe Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

  1. Every single one of these is true – I lived them. But in retrospect, the sentence that for me best sums up my nine years as a SAHM is “That was the most awesome time of my life.”

  2. It is all true. I remember those days when I was a stay at home mom. It was the most exhausting, consuming, rewarding time in my life.

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