"Love Never Fades" and Other Dumb Shirt Sayings


I saw this shirt in a store while out shopping today, and my first thought was: That’s such bullshit.

I don’t know what fairytale media continues to portray, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a pretty large impact on the divorce rate in America.
Love totally can and does fade sometimes. I care and love many people that have been and are in my life, always, but I definitely do not show and feel the same amount of love every minute of every day, endlessly. When love and romance starts to fade in a relationship, it’s up to you, and hopefully your partner, to keep it up. Nothing is effortless. Relationships take work.
I saw a quote once–’If everyone continued to act like they did in the beginning of a relationship, there would be a lot less break-ups’–or something like that. Remember that when things get hard or change, because they will. If you want a love that “never fades,” work for it.

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