What "Dragging the Kid(s) Along" Really Means

When people say “drag the kid(s) along” the picture that used to show up in my mind was simply of a mother with child’s hand in her hand, pulling them along through a store. GROCERYStore

It never occurred to me everything that was including in bringing your children with you wherever you go.

Now that I have a toddler, let me actually explain to you what the all-encompassing phrase really means and why we use it instead of saying what we really mean.

Actual meaning: (multiple by amount of children)

  • Dress child, possibly while they kick around, happy or ornery
  • Find child’s shoes, sit down on floor, hassle shoes on
  • Restock diaper bag with full bottles/sippy cups, diapers, wipes and a snack. Double check to make sure the toy(s), extra clothing items are still present
  • Find your own shoes
  • Haul everything out to vehicle
  • Pick child up and spend way too much time hassling with the straps in the car seat
  • Finally, drive to destination
  • Unstrap and pick up child out of car seat
  • Either carry them to or chase them around until there’s a cart in front of you or the stroller’s out
  • Once inside destination, do business as fast as possible (you’ve got an hour tops) before there’s whining and the toddler begins repeating “down, down, down, down…” or “eat, eat, eat, eat…”
  • Go back out to vehicle, pick child up and get them back into carseat
  • Unload items into trunk as fast as possible
  • Get back into vehicle and onto the next place or home
  • The child might now be agitated and grumpy the whole drive home
  • Get home, unload the little one (hopefully ready for a nap but probably not)
  • After getting them inside and playing, napping or eating, go back out to vehicle and unload items to put up

And that’s what we, mamas mean by “drag the kid(s) along.”

Why we use it: Because doing it is exhausting enough without explaining it too.

4 thoughts on “What "Dragging the Kid(s) Along" Really Means

  1. Haha, definitely true!!
    I always, always either used the stroller or parked close to the shopping cart corral (at grocery stores) when Sam was younger. Now, I either let him walk or he rides in the cart and has a snack but he is pretty good about not fighting. Usually… 😉
    PS voted for you!

    1. Parking near the cart corral is my trick as well, but if we’re somewhere with no traffic or parking lot (the park, mostly), I’m not as set on carrying her and once her feet touch the ground, she’s off! Thanks for voting–I returned the favor!

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