Greek Wedding Idea

Both my husband and I were very involved in Greek life during college. It’s possible we could’ve run into each other at some point during our college years without Greek life, but I have to attribute our involvement as a primary reason we started conversing and hanging out in the first place. Both of us being president of our Fraternities (yes, my Greek organization is a female Fraternity, not sorority) gave us more than enough reason to have to interact and plenty of common ground to break the ice.

You can imagine a lot of our Fraternity members were at, if not a part of our wedding, and we wanted to have a subtle yet nice way to signify them.

So, for anyone who is a part of Greek life, this is a simple, classy idea to highlight or recognize those bonds at your wedding.

Greek Wedding

What you’ll need:
1. One 8×10 picture frame (per Greek organization)
2. The official flowers of your Greek organization, enough for the Greek members who RSVPed
3. One sheet of regular size printing paper (per frame) for your letters, emblem and wording inside the frame
4. (optional) Decorative background paper for the frame
5. Pins to set next to the frames for people to pin the flowers on

Display Options:
1. You can leave the flowers long-stemmed in a vase with water (like pictured above); you may want to leave out scissors for people to cut them before they pin them on, or we had people hand-break them, which worked fine.
2. You can also pre-cut them and put them in a small vase, bowl or tray. If you do pre-cut them and choose not to put them in water, wait as long as you can until people start arriving to do so. I’d suggest giving this task to a bridesmaid or greeter.


[insert Fraternity/Sorority Greek Letters]

“Please take a [insert official flower] and pin it over your heart in honor of your sisterhood with the bride.”
“Please take a [insert official flower] and pin it over your heart in honor of your brotherhood with the groom.”

[insert Fraternity/Sorority Emblem]

You can also skip the “pin” step (#5) altogether and simply say: “Please take a [insert official flower] in honor of your sisterhood/brotherhood with the bride/groom.”

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